Quotes pathwork lectures E2009

Week 1. Lecture 204: True spiritual bliss encompasses the total personality, and the personality must learn to endure a state of bliss. This it cannot do unless it learns to endure whatever is locked inside the psyche now: pain, meanness, malice, hate, suffering, guilt, fear, terror. All of these must be transcended. Then and then only can the human personality function in a blissful state.

Week 2. Lecture 189: To the extent the conscious self uses its already existing knowledge of truth, its already existing power to execute its good will, its already existing capacity to be positive, committed, truthful, courageous, and persevering in the struggle in question, its already existing ability to choose the attitude to the problem, to exactly that degree the consciousness expands and becomes increasingly more infiltrated by the spiritual consciousness. The spiritual  consciousness cannot manifest when the already existing consciousness is not fully put to use in the conduct of one’s life. Out of using it, new inspiration, new realms of vision and understanding, of profound wisdom and experience well up from the depth of the person.

Week 3. Lecture 253: Grope for where struggle must continue and where it must cease. And you will experience at some time the incomparable peace of no longer fearing what you do not want and no longer reaching anxiously and strenuously for what you want, because you will know that all that could ever be desirable is right here, attainable right now, ever present at the tips of your fingers, and all that you fear and strain away from is nothing but illusion, even though you may be in the midst of experiencing it.

Week 4. Lecture 252: It is easy to see that the new man and the new woman are incapable of abiding secrets. They cannot be borne in the newly emerging consciousness. They are experienced as an unbearable burden, which it actually is. The spiritual form of a secret is exactly that — a heavy burden. The more enlightened conscious becomes, the more infused with the Christ spirit, the speedier the burden will be dissolved in the most productive and creative way possible.

Week 5. Lecture 127: One of the most constructive tools on this path, that must not be neglected by any of you, is in using the other person as a mirror and involving yourself with others so as to duplicate life and inner situations in such involvements. It cannot be emphasized enough how effective are such means of working with others. This road has not yet been fully explored by any of you. So much valuable material remains to be derived from this tool. Use the other person as a mirror, for no matter how much others are involved with their own blind reflexes, often they are a good mirror for you.

Week 6. Lecture 157: Whatever possibility you can conceive of, you can realize. Suppose you are in a conflicting situation from which you cannot see a way out. As long as you do not conceive of a way out, you truly cannot realize the already existing possibility.

Week 7. Lecture 192: The fulfillment so painfully longed for can be attained only when the person proceeds to search within himself for all that he still looks for outside of himself. This must begin with the question of responsibility. If he remains stuck on blame (making the parents and life responsible), he deprives himself of the vital center of all good within himself. Only when he searches to alter his own attitude and discovers that his suffering now is induced by his attitude now, can he begin to find security — the security he looked for in the sustenance given by others. Anxiety will disappear to the exact degree he searches within himself for the cause of his present suffering.

Week 8. Lecture 163: You know deep within yourself that life cannot possibly be merely what you experience from day to day, it cannot merely be what it is at the moment. And because of that, you strive away from the moment. And because of that, you lose the moment. And because of that, you lose the meaning of life, for every single fragment of a moment contains all of life. The struggle to discover the true self and the acceptance of the now are not mutually exclusive opposites. They are indeed interdependent.

Week 9. Lecture 148: When you feel envy or, the other side of the same coin, the need to impress others or be better than they, try to feel the constructive power behind this need. For this need is only a distortion of the inborn urge to realize the best in you. When you do this, you will no longer find yourself blocked and paralyzed.

Week 10. Lecture 146: A positive concept of the universe as a benign force and benign fate for man, the freedom and fearlessness to love, and a healthy balance between activity and passivity — all these form a comprehensive whole in order for an individual to be in harmony with himself and with life and thus fulfill himself in every possible way. All these three aspects depend on the awakening and activation of man’s innermost center, the nucleus that we call the real self.

Week 11. Lecture 145: As long as your whole orientation is not geared toward activating the inner center of your real self, you cannot know real safety, peace, and well-being, nor can you make use of the storehouse of potentials within yourself, nor can you experience your freedom to make use of the unlimited funds available in the universe for your benefit. Not being able to do any of this, not being able to be what you can and could be, is an endless pain which you must allow yourself to consciously experience in order to have the incentive to do something about it.

Week 12. Lecture 149: The flexibility of relaxing into what is, even if what is at the moment is not what you want, must ultimately bring you what you want — first of all by giving you a good feeling about yourself and also by being in harmony with the cosmic soul movement within your psyche. Later, also, the thing you want will come, must come, as a matter of course, following the law of cause and effect. This is the climate which is essential in order to establish the inner knowledge that all fulfillment is potentially yours and can actually be yours through your knowing this.

Week 13. Lecture 117: The degree of shedding the pretense to oneself, and facing that which was regarded as too shameful to admit, results in the concomitant degree of emotional ease and comfort. He who has reached the point of such self-admission can exactly pinpoint his shame, his pretense, his deception. He has indeed reached a major step in self-realization. Needless to say, he is way ahead, compared to the person who is as yet unaware of his shame and pretense and may therefore believe he has nothing to hide.

Week 14. Lecture 245: In the sphere of your present reality every act has its consequences. It is much more difficult to see the same relationship between your thoughts, or your subtle inner attitudes, and your overall life circumstances. The more developed a person is, the more he or she can perceive cause and effect on the less obvious levels. On this path, the development of this perception is very strongly emphasized and becomes gradually more acute.

Week 15. Lecture 137: As long as you ignore the connection between your wanting the result you now suffer from, and your experiencing this result, that long must you be frantic and frightened. On the other hand, you do all in your power not to admit this self-induced process; you prefer to believe it as an unkind fate. You struggle against this admission for very illusory reasons. But once you want to see the connection, you will — and then you will be free, even while you still are imperfect.

Week 16. Lecture 196: When you can truly see cause and effect relationships in your life, not only will you be motivated to want to give up negative attitudes and intentions and to institute positive intentionality, you will also gain awareness and emotional and spiritual maturity. Maturity is to a great extent the ability to put cause and effect together. The ability to put cause and effect together also indicates the degree of awareness an entity has reached through his development.

Week 17. Lecture 215: There is only one safe and secure way to attain the blissful now point, the revelation of reality in its unlimited dimensions, and that is by fulfilling the task for which you have come. Only a path such as this can help you do so. You must learn to go through your pain — the pain of your illusion, of your guilt’s, of your undeveloped side. Ultimately this is what it all amounts to.

Week 18. Lecture 181: I want to seek the cause in me rather than in others so that I become free to love and live. I will take the apparent risk to do this and thus establish self-respect, courage, honesty, strength, and positive energy patterns.

Week 19. Lecture 190: The admission of heretofore apparently inadmissible feelings is the bridge to inner unity and fulfilling self-expression of life. The acceptance of your hate will make you more loving, the acceptance of your weakness more strong, the acceptance of your pain more blissful.

Week 20. Lecture 216: When you feel totally self-rejecting, guilty and bad, it is important to know that you now identify totally with that aspect in you that is unpurified and that hates itself. The moment you know that, it already makes a great deal of difference. You can then go to the next step by asking yourself the question, “Is there not another possibility? Is this really all there is to me? Am I not also something else?”

Week 21. Lecture 226: When determination and commitment exist in order to change and bring out the divine potential, duality will fuse into a unity in which you can be charitable with yourself, in which you can have mercy with yourself, and in which you can face the lower self just because you have this basic love and mercy toward all being, including your own.

Week 22. Lecture 136: Your life could be the most dynamic, rich, and blissful experience imaginable, but you can determine life in this sense only when you do not allow yourself to be a victim of your negativity and your destructiveness. The simple formula of declaring your vigorous intent of not letting this be, of not letting cowardice and fear defeat you, will set those powers in motion which must bring you out of this trap. All your fears must then dissolve like fog in the sun.

Week 23. Lecture 190: There is no way around what has accumulated in you and has poisoned your whole system — your spiritual, your psychological, and often also your physical system. This poison can be eliminated only by feeling what you hoped you could avoid feeling. Then a new energy influx comes in ever greater measure.

Week 24. Lecture 227: You, in the new civilization that you are beginning to found, learn to make the connections between cause and effect, the connections between apparently fragmented pieces of experience and consciousness. You learn to discover the deeper and much more real life within that creates the outer circumstances. You thus approach reality and, at times, gain reality in a much more comprehensive manner. Once you are in possession of and connected with this reality, the real reality if I may say so, then the superficial, illusory outer reality will become much easier for you to deal with.

Week 25. Lecture 164: One rarely makes the discrimination that forms of selfishness exist that are intrinsically healthy and right that guard a person’s inalienable right to be happy, that protect his ability to grow, expand, evolve. Concomitantly, one rarely sees that unselfishness can be a sick manifestation of self-destructiveness, weakness, exploiting others through self-enslavement just as one allows others to exploit him. This has little to do with genuine concern for the rights of others. In fact, only he who can be selfish in the right, healthy way is capable of genuine concern for the rights of others.

Week 26. Lecture 155: Fear of self is the key. Before a human being is on any intensive path of self-confrontation, he does not know that he really fears only his own unknown depths. He projects this real fear onto any number of outer and other fears which he may or may not become aware of in the course of his life. For these projected and displaced fears may be denied and covered up as well.

Week 27. Lecture 231: The necessity of self-discipline is great. Without it, nothing can be gained or accomplished in life on any level. Freedom, spontaneity on the one hand and self-discipline on the other are not only not mutually exclusive as most people believe, but they are in fact mutually interactive, aiding, interconnected, and interdependent.

Week 28. Lecture 199: Ego means fragmentation. It is the task of every entity who is caught in this fragmentation, and therefore in the cycle of being born and dying, to enlarge his field of operation, his perception, his awareness and his power to create. The difficulty of doing so is that in the limited state of the ego separation, enlargement of the ego, contrary to reality, appears as an annihilation of the ego — that is, of man’s very existence, of his sense of self. To penetrate this illusion, he needs all available force, commitment, good will, and help — help that he must want and reach for.

Week 29. Lecture 154: Home means your real, innermost true self. He who is his real self is at home. At home in the world, at home in life, safe and secure with a firmly established ground under his feet. At home means the inner place where all problems find their solution, where no fear and hate exist. When fear exists, hate must exist, and vice versa. They are really one and the same. At home is the inner place where eternal well-being and eternal life are reality, experienced as a fact.

Week 31. Lecture 130: Wherever fear exists, this fear produces the circumstances one fears. These circumstances are, at the same time, the only way to convince the self that the fear is unnecessary. The more known an event is, the less is it feared. A vicious circle exists in that fear prohibits the faculties to get to know. It dulls the senses. But every vicious circle can be broken.

Week 32. AD007: A new breed of man is about to come: the spiritual man. This new spiritual man will never subscribe to asceticism; he will not be a monk and life denying. He will be the bearer of a new culture, a new civilization, a new aristocracy. All his outer expressions will be reflections of a rich, abundant, beautiful inner life: creative, loving and wise; beautiful, noble and strong, without false modesty and sentimentality; self-assertive and gentle; courteous and refined; genuine and without pretenses.

Week 33. Lecture 224: True aliveness exists only when you wed the mind with the spirit and allow the mind for a while to express the feminine principle. All the time the mind has been engaged in the  masculine principle — action, drive, doing, control. Now the mind has to express the feminine principle — receptivity. This does not mean that man will become passive, by no means. In a different sense he will be more active, more truly independent than he was before.

Week 35. Q&A special edition part II 1977: This guilt and self-destruction can never be eliminated by mere recognition. But it will be eliminated if you start acting, be it in an ever so small way, in a new way. So my advice is that you choose every day an act, a little act of giving that no one knows, that no one will give you recognition for, that you do for you own higher self’s sake, from you higher self and for you higher self, according to the will of God. Ask to be guided how to do it.

Week 36. Lecture 203: If you can at will produce violent hate and anger; at will produce pain and sadness; at will produce fear and terror; at will produce equanimity and peace; pleasure and joy; love and compassion; then you are indeed in possession of yourself and can be moved from within.

Week 37. Lecture 160: When man is in harmony with life because he is connected with his own causes and effects, his position toward the forces of life can be compared to a swimmer. The swimmer floats on the water. The water carries him. And yet he moves, he is not passive.

Week 38. Lecture 208: The sum total of all your conscious, semi-conscious, unconscious, explicit and implicit thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, intentions, feelings, emotions, and will directions — conflicting as they may be — creates a definitive result. This result is your present experience and the way your life is unfolding for you. Your present life expresses exactly, like a faultless mathematical equation, what your inner state is.

Week 39. Lecture 150: “I want to look at the truth in myself.” Anyone in this pathwork who pronounces to himself these words every day, again and again and particularly at moments when he feels discontented and disconnected, will experience amazing results. “What is it now that I do not want to look at?” When an individual does this, answers will come forth — absolutely and inevitably — in exact proportion to the sincerity and strength of this wish.

Week 40. Lecture 61: Grace is not extended to a few chosen ones and withheld from others. Grace is all around you. If you want it, you can partake of it. If you do not want it, if you desire in some corner of your being to remain in blindness, grace will not be accessible to you. But those who want it will constantly be affected by it. It is there for everyone alike. Grace is there as the product of the divine world and you can all get it if you know how to turn towards it.

Week 41. Lecture 95: Your fear of failure is not so acute because of the failure itself, but because it implies, for you, that you have failed because you are inferior. Your fear of responsibility is not so great because of laziness, but because failure to fulfill implies inferiority of your self. Fear of pleasure frustration is not so acute because you cannot live without it, but because it implies an inferiority.

Week 42. Lecture 116: Since your inner spiritual self is the same as everyone else’s spiritual self, the separateness is lifted the moment that you are no longer separate from your spiritual center. The real you is the other person’s real self. There is no barrier between them. The barrier lies only in the covering layers.

Week 43. Lecture 200: The understanding of cause and effect in your life is an essential prerequisite for self-realization, for the realization of your divine identity. It is even essential for a lesser state; for mere good health; for being centered within and reasonably integrated; for meaningful functioning and satisfying experiences. This is so because the moment you can see the level in you where through your ideas, concepts, intentions, and attitudes you create your life circumstances, you have your key to create a different and more desirable life.

Week 44. Lecture 154: When anything happens to you that you shrink back from, whether it causes mild annoyance or stark fright or anything in between, remain inwardly relaxed. Observe the automatic reflex reaction in your soul movement, how it automatically tenses up. By remaining open and relaxed to the experience, no matter how painful or frightening it may appear, you allow it to happen to you. You thus admit that it is yours anyway, and you proceed to find its origin in you. You declare in your mind to explore and understand its cause.

Week 45. Lecture 83: The duality ceases to exist once you accept yourself as part good and part bad as consisting partly of the higher and partly of the lower self. These two sides will be integrated and live in peace with one another once you accept yourself with both. And only then can the lower side gradually develop and grow out of its blindness. But as long as you do not reconcile yourself that you are both good and bad, as long as you battle against this “badness” and believe you must not have it now, duality will exist.

Week 46. Lecture 206: Never blame. Seeing truth never leads to blame. When you blame, you are never in truth even if what you see is partially the truth. The other may actually do all those things, be all those negative aspects, but it cannot be the whole truth, for if it were, you would not blame.

Week 48. Lecture 245: If you are unaware of the relationship between the cause and effect here but perceive the effects as coincidental and haphazard, you will not be encouraged and strengthened in the truth that love and goodness are the supreme power.

Week 49. Lecture QA118: Continue in your work of self-confrontation, and bring out in full awareness what you feel and you will lose more and more an inner—either conscious or unconscious—terror, for too many human beings are terror-stricken by their guilts, by their shames, by their misconceptions; and they cannot lose this inner terror as long as these things are not faced squarely and in the open and pronounced and discussed, casually and freely. And the more you are capable of doing that, the more your outlook must change—the more you will liberate yourself of loneliness and isolation and secretiveness and shame and guilt and fright.

Week 50. Lecture QA221: The voice of truth will manifest to you when you first listen to and know the voice of the untruth, which now appears in those symptoms in your body. The moment you can translate those symptoms you will be already less frightened, for the fear is really a misplacement. The fear is really the voice that says, “Do not open up!” That is really the fear. And then the fear translates itself as the fear of these symptoms. The fear self says, “I will make myself so sick, so that I do not have to risk being open, risk giving up my pride, risk giving up my pseudoself.”

Week 51. Lecture QA130: It is always up to man to take the first step in any phase of his pathwork. And when I say path, I mean this in a much wider sense. I mean this in a sense of the realization of spiritual reality which is so much more satisfying, which is so full, which is so limitless. In order to realize this, or in order to experience this spiritual reality, one has to take a step toward a new possibility one has never contemplated.

Week 52. Lecture 219: Only in the acceptance of the infantile egocentricity can you find the birth of the Christ within, of the eternal consciousness that contains all there is. True strength, true creativity, true love, true security, all these are candles that spring aglow from your honesty, your courage, your truthfulness and from the faith you cultivate little by little.

Week 53. Lecture 239: In the new age, the energy, the impetus, the power of the Christ has newly risen. It is not a sentimental meek force by any means. It has tremendous power. Its strength sweeps your earth sphere, and those of you who are ready and have the courage, the inner courage, to make room for joy, for pleasure, to make room for ecstasy can experience the Christ within. You can give birth to the Christ in you.