Quotes pathwork lectures E2017

Week 1: Lecture 91: If you experience the voice of the higher self, the real conscience, then there will be no destructive hopelessness, despair with oneself, anger at oneself, impatience. There will be no negative feeling. There will be an insight into one’s tendency toward childish selfishness or greed or whatever else, but without being depressed about it. Simultaneously, there will be a simple desire to act on a more mature level — not because one must be perfect, not because of the fear not to be perfect, but simply because one wants to.

Week 2: Lecture 177: The greater your ecstasy, your pleasure, your joy, the more you contribute to the world. When you reach this inner awareness — not a theoretical, but an experiential awareness — you will create the following conditions within yourself. You will make the total experience of pleasure a spiritual and practical goal. You will act unceasingly on behalf of this goal.

Week 3: Lecture 143: The message coming from the real self says, “Your birthright is perfect happiness, freedom, and mastery over life.” When you fight for this birthright under dualistic principles, you remove yourself further and further from the realization of yourself, in which you could truly have mastery, freedom, and total fulfillment of yourself.

Week 4: Lecture 156: Only one who is fully self-responsible is capable of utilizing the freedom creation has granted all beings. For example, when people shift the blame for their present unhappy state on any other factor than their own unconscious processes, they are not self-responsible, no matter how subtly and covertly this may be done. There is a mechanism in the psyche that directly connects this displacement with the prohibition of pleasure.

Week 5: Lecture 177: Once you can ascertain in full consciousness, “I am afraid of pleasure,” hopelessness will disappear. You will feel the two forces within yourself: one pulling you toward pleasure, the other away from it. You will feel these two forces on all levels of your being — in your mind, in your feelings. When the battle goes on unbeknownst to your conscious mind, it is extremely painful. When you know of its existence, you can begin to settle the conflict.

Week 6 : Lecture 114: If you can accept and live with not having what you want — whatever it may be at any given time — that will give you the trust in yourself that you truly deserve. If you must have what you want without being able to provide it for yourself, you will be helpless and dependent and insecure. If you can accept a frustration because you yourself were and are unable to obtain your desire, then you will have the confidence of knowing that you can cope with life.

Week 7: Lecture 233: Find the word in which you consequently say “I will not love, love is dangerous, it will hurt me.” It is a word of untruth that creates its pattern that makes it seem a truth in which you cannot experience the fulfilment your soul longs for.

Week 8: Lecture 227: You find within your soul substance attitudes and reactions that were very understandable and even appropriate when you were infants and small children. But you pursue them, you hold on to them as if these attitudes still had reality value. Precisely to the degree that you are doing this, you create obstructions, unhappiness, strife, frustration, crisis, and finally destruction so that the old can crumble and you can begin to rebuild.

Week 9: Lecture 226: The very fact of facing the lower self deserves mercy, forgiveness, and love that human beings have prayed for for many centuries and millennia, addressing a God outside themselves, thinking that dispensations given from the outside will make up for what they withhold from themselves.

Week 10: Lecture 235: “I will face the truth. I am divine manifestation. I can completely unify with this. I can give my best to life and receive the best from life.” The more you say this with affirmation and mean it, the more this is going to be.

Week 11: Lecture 241: If you confine yourself to a state you have outgrown and you stay static, your sense of missing out will create a fear of death. This is a very familiar fear. However, no person who lives his life totally and fully according to his potentials will fear death.

Week 12: Lecture 255: When you perceive life and death as a pulsating breath, when you experience the spirit as the constant that pushes into matter, your entire world picture is going to change. If you permit this new consciousness to grow in you, to take hold of your being, you must experience life, death, and all happenings in a very different way — a way that is liberating and a way that will eliminate the existential anger, rage, and fear about life and death.

Week 13: Lecture 79: The strong, often unconscious, desire to belong in the world that seems most desirable to you produces impatience. It causes you to assume artificial attitudes and emotions. Since neither this “desirable world,” nor the way you go about obtaining it is based on reality or truth, your real self is covered up, and hence your real strength.

Week 14: Lecture 49: Spring is the season of revival of nature. The life force penetrates everything that grows: plants, trees, grass, flowers, fruits, vegetables, the animal world, even the mineral world. And it should be the same in the human being. If the human being were in tune with the universe, if the soul were in a state of healthy growth and in no way stagnating and static, spring would revive and strengthen such a person, too.

Week 15: Lecture 210: We search for and bring out that part of the negative self which says “I will not.” You all learn the courage, humility, and honesty to expose this part — the part that even says, “I want to resist. I want to spite. I want to have it all my way, or else!” Only when the secret crevices of your psychic substance yield up, reveal, and expose these areas, can you begin — not easily, often with a lot of struggle — to change this very negative level, this darker part of the personality. When this part remains hidden, you are split and do not understand why your positive endeavors fail to go further than they do.

Week 16: Lecture 79: All conflicts indicate a person’s division within him or herself. The cross demonstrates this by the two bars, one horizontal, one vertical, indicating two opposing directions. As long as the opposites cannot be brought into harmony, pain and suffering must result. But once this battle is successfully concluded, the real person is resurrected and lives in harmony, peace and joy. Jesus demonstrated this entire process.

Week 17: Lecture QA240: In our world, all is constant celebration. And even in your world, the celebration is all around you if you but look. If you look at the blue sky and the golden sun and the singing birds and the bursting blossoms, is that not celebration! As you express the joyousness of your divinity, that is celebration. It is the purest of all medicines, that is no longer bitter but sweet.

Week 18: Lecture 209: Human evolution travels a curve of development from acting out the negativity to the next step, which is holding it back. This leads to repression. The next step after the repressing is making it conscious but not acting it out. Being conscious of its negative connotations does not lead to acting out. Only subsequent to this is it possible to change the energies and the feelings and the creative power that are involved in these negative attitudes into positive attitudes.

Week 19: Lecture 159: The more individuals dissolve their destructive conscious and unconscious processes and transcend them by reaching into the unified divine depths, the more the world consciousness must change. Thus each individual contributes much more to the shape of the world by his own development and growth than he can possibly appreciate.

Week 20: Lecture 237: You erroneously assume that in an open state you cannot protect yourself against abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only when your higher self functions; when you are free from self-serving, selfish attitudes; when you are true to your inborn integrity and decency; when you follow the divine laws of the universe — which are laws of justice, truth, wisdom, and love – can you be strong enough for real, genuine protection, assertion, confrontation.

Week 21: Lecture 230: He who completely accepts and embraces life cannot fear death, and vice versa. It is one and the same phenomenon; therefore one and the same attitude must prevail about life, death, change, movement.

Week 22: Lecture 223: The new consciousness always consults the higher self and learns to wait quietly for the answer patiently. It is never opinionated. It accepts that it does not know yet. It keeps itself open for the influx. It has no stake in a certain answer. It makes room for an answer that may be anything, whether it will be that which is most desired or totally its contrary, but it trusts that what will come will be good. It has no fixed opinion, it empties itself. That is one of the approaches of the new value system that must and will and already begins to sweep the planet.

Week 23: Lecture QA251: Question: Acts 2 describes the experience of the disciples at Pentecost when they received the manifestation of the “comforter” that Jesus had promised them.
Answer: The “comforter” is something you all have experienced. When you no longer defend, when you commit yourself to your truth, when you are filled with good will and with the intent to follow God’s will in all things, no matter how great your sorrow, your pain, or your fear, you will be comforted.

Week 24: Lecture 245A: The stubbornness, the pride, the fear of being criticized and ridiculed may stand in the way of finding the treasure you so need and so desire in your deepest self. This is why Jesus said so clearly that you must forsake your mother and father and your mate in order to follow Him. With this He meant exactly that. He did not mean that you must hate your parents or have contempt for them. It means that you should grow up and find your own truth; that you should free yourself from all preconceived notions and ideas and thus make yourself sufficiently empty and new so that new truths can fill you.

Week 25: Lecture 253: Grope for where struggle must continue and where it must cease. And you will experience at some time the incomparable peace of no longer fearing what you do not want and no longer reaching anxiously and strenuously for what you want, because you will know that all that could ever be desirable is right here, attainable right now, ever present at the tips of your fingers, and all that you fear and strain away from is nothing but illusion, even though you may be in the midst of experiencing it.

Week 26: Lecture 232: If you know your own value and your own power, and you respect this value, no matter what you do now and no matter where you are now, then indeed you must be considerate of others and value them. So there is no possibility that you devaluate yourself and value others or vice versa.

Week 27: Lecture 201: The facing of the guilt of the pain you inflict is really not very different from the pain you have received. In both instances you can exaggerate it and make yourself incapacitated for life. Or you can decide not to feel it at all. Or you can allow the feeling, let the feeling be, and say: “Yes, they have made mistakes. I have made mistakes. They were blind and groping, and so was I. They were in darkness, I was in darkness. This is regrettable, but this is what we are all here for. And I now lift my head in the dignity of who I am. I know the greater power within me will help me to feel pain I have given and pain I have received.”

Week 28: Lecture 143: May every one of you comprehend that the truth is in you, everything you need is in you. May you find that you actually do not have to fight and struggle as you constantly do. All you have to do is see and recognize the truth wherever you stand now. All you have to do at this time is see that there may be more than you see and call upon this inner center and allow yourself to be open to its intuitive messages to you.

Week 29: Lecture 208: The sum total of all your conscious, semi-conscious, unconscious, explicit and implicit thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, intentions, feelings, emotions, and will directions — conflicting as they may be — creates a definitive result. This result is your present experience and the way your life is unfolding for you. Your present life expresses exactly, like a faultless mathematical equation, what your inner state is. It can thus very well be used as a map into your inner regions.

Week 30: Lecture 82: Face in you that element where you still fear. Become aware of it, and then you can learn to die — and live! As you learn to become aware of your real fear of death in any form, be it physical death, be it any negative occurrence, you free the life force in you, which will then invigorate you as you meet that which you fear.

Week 31: Lecture 234: The fear of death really says, on the deepest level: “I want to experience the state of immortality that I know exists, even though I am caught temporarily in the dualistic ‘airpocket’ of life versus death – an either/or.” In that experience, in that vision, when you are in one, you do not see the other, and you fear giving up one for the other.

Week 32: Lecture 195: When you ferret out your negative intentionality, you can no longer deceive yourself that negativity “happens” to you. You must sooner or later come to terms with the fact that your life is the result of your choices. And choice implies the possibility to adopt another attitude. In other words, you truly discover on a deep level that you are free.

Week 33: Lecture 189: As long as the line of least resistance is followed and the personality gives in to blind involvement; as long as he gives up on finding a true self-identity and settles blindly for a would-be existence; as long as he follows the rut, stuck in the old groove of habitual reacting and then explaining this away cheaply; as long as he indulges in compulsive thinking, in negative, hopeless circular thinking, for that long the consciousness of the self — as it exists now — is not fully put to use. Consequently consciousness cannot possibly expand and can neither transmute and synthesize the negative aspects it falsely identifies itself with, nor can it bring in deeper aspects of the spiritual self. As long as existing values are not fully put to use, additional values cannot possibly be realized.

Week 34: Lecture 256: Your primary aim is still reaching autonomy, in its fullest sense and meaning. Everything depends on this basic prerequisite of reaching autonomy: your ability to respect yourself and discover your values; your capacity for loving and finding the fulfillment you yearn for; your fulfilling the spiritual task you have entered this earth for; your experience of the living God within and around you; your ability to be a true leader and to be a follower as well; and, last but not least, your ability to let go of the mind and find the inner space which is your real home and which, alone, can convey eternal life to you and thus remove all fears from you forever.

Week 35: Lecture 227: Only he who has overcome his rebellion against authority because he is his own inner authority, because he has that honesty, can be free. That means embracing change. Each issue requires a changed, new, different, very moving and flexible approach. What may appear as a similar situation that required a certain approach, may in fact be quite different and require an entirely new approach. So, freedom is completely dependent on your ability to change.

Week 36: Lecture 256: I believe most of you have experienced already how the voice of your inner God, of the higher self, sends its inspirations through your mind, not necessarily immediately after a meditation or prayer, often sometime later, often when you think least of it. It is then that your mind is relaxed enough and sufficiently free from self-will to allow the inner world to manifest.

Week 37: AM11-Arosa lecture: The process of creation that you have set in motion should be consciously experienced, envisaged, perceived, and encouraged with your daily vision of this process, with your prayer for awareness of this process, so that you are not blind to it. For the more aware you are of its reality, the more will you make yourselves ready for the bliss and the fulfillment and the light that is being generated by this process, and the more will you help others to prepare themselves in a like fashion.

Week 38: Lecture 209: Most of you are just beginning to allow yourself awareness of the most negative feelings of hate, of greed, of destructiveness, and of true negative intentionality. The more you have the courage and the honesty, the freer you become. But this liberation requires that the following steps must be undertaken, sometimes sequentially, sometimes alternately, and sometimes overlapping one another.

Week 39: Lecture 31: The blind, unconscious, and immature side of you believes somehow that if you receive sufficient appreciation from others that this will make up for the lack of self-respect you can never truly have unless you fulfill the basic spiritual laws within your own soul, unless you do the maximum of what can be expected of you in self-development, according to your overall spiritual development.

Week 40: Lecture 205: The more you refuse voluntary, self-chosen self-discipline, the more you unavoidably deprive yourself. You deprive yourself of the peace and comfort that are the products of self-discipline and of the deep pleasure and bliss of the involuntary life stream that you can only allow to come through you when your ego stands on the firm ground you have built by self-discipline.

Week 41: Lecture 127: Knowing the truth makes the change organic, inevitable, so natural that it just could not be any other way. Really knowing the truth clears the fog; unifies where apparent contradiction prevailed; proves that there is nothing to fear; makes whole where dissension was; heals where sickness existed; goes forth where stagnation prevented growth; calms where frantic unrest created excessive movement.

Week 42: Lecture 28: Everyone is seeking God, often unbeknown to themselves. Just as the plant is leaning towards the sun, so is man leaning towards God, often as unconsciously as the plant is seeking light and warmth. Only when you have found God within yourself, your heart will be at rest, your life will make sense with all the puzzlement it represents; for it will cease to present a question mark to you. For only in God will the light of knowledge be yours.

Week 43: Lecture 130: When the soul is sufficiently experienced and deeply impressed with the truth — namely that here is nothing to fear — the human personality suddenly comes to a point of realization and discovery in which acceptance is no longer a risk, for it embraces and includes the entire benign universe. Then there is no longer the question of going through the fear in order to rise above it. Then he is ready and prepared for all the fulfillment, all the abundance, the bliss and pleasure supreme in liberated life, and the life eternal with all its dynamic, joyful aspects. All that man’s heart desires is immediately open when he has overcome fear. Nothing stands in the way when fear of the opposite has gone. When you realize this truth, it is the liberation your spirit has been waiting for. It is coming into your own. It is as though your spirit says, “Oh, that is the way it is. Why did I not see this wonderful simplicity before? Why did I plague myself with all this unnecessary hardship?” And you step out from your confinement. The world becomes your own!

Week 44: Lecture 154: The two experiences death and orgasm are the deepest experiences a created entity can go through. They are that because the ego relinquishes its hold and the individual surrenders to the cosmic, universal forces — in love and in trust. True orgasm is not possible unless this attitude exists. And healthy death also occurs only in this inner attitude. It then becomes a joyful, growing experience. It is easily observable that the healthier a human being is, the less he fears this total, trustful surrender. Such an individual experiences the greatest amount of bliss. And also, such an individual does not fear death.

Week 45: Lecture 167: When you discover your fear of moving, your distaste of doing so, your reluctance or resistance — physically as well as mentally and emotionally — you have then discovered the cause of living in a sphere of consciousness where death is inevitable. You hasten death to the degree you refute movement on all levels of your being. Movement is refuted because movement awakens the deadness. When the life center is feared because pain and fear cannot be dealt with, numbness is supposed to be the solution. And movement removes the numbness; therefore movement is rejected, not knowing that nonmovement is the beginning of the dying process.

Week 46: Lecture 133: The two factors, underestimation of self and misinterpretation of reality (which are of course interrelated) create the barriers and the apparent danger to love. It is these two factors that make the human heart so timid and so reticent. The overcaution to love creates withdrawal and isolation.

Week 47: Lecture 131: Your view of the world, your attitude to life, to happenings, and to others can only be a result of your view of and attitude toward yourself. If you understand yourself in relationship to life at this moment, you cannot possibly be in darkness. I have given you many tools for reaching yourself and therefore to live in the now. This whole path and all its methods and various approaches are concerned with this primary goal. When man realizes himself, when he finds his real self, he is in the now.

Week 49: Lecture 136: Realize that whatever area you are most fearful of and unwilling to look at, that is where you need to focus most and where you will feel most rewarded and liberated. The freedom and safety you will experience cannot be conveyed in words.

Week 50: Lecture 48: Whoever has experienced only a slight victory, has overcome a resistance, has found a truth or a recognition within himself, even an unpleasant one, or rather just these, has experienced a feeling of peace, of strength, and of being vibrantly alive.

Week 51: Lecture 137: The one effort of pulling your thoughts together, of wanting to come out of negativity, and of entrusting the self to the divine power within, that effort must be made. The desire to come out of any negative inner or outer situation must be formulated. This concise wanting must be clearly and strongly formulated. Reach simultaneously for the inner power to lead the way, step by step.

Week 52: Lecture 239: The birth of Christ celebrates and symbolizes birth, not only birth of an entity, of a human being, but birth of new expressions, of new ways of expressing God in life, birth of new levels of consciousness.