Quotes pathwork lectures E2021

Week 1: QA204: In the stillness of my innermost being lies the power to endure bliss, pleasure, love, and mutuality. I call upon this power to give love, to feel love, to experience love, to receive love, to vibrate with love,  to not control it with the mind and the outer will, to flow with it.

Week 2: Lecture 137: In the areas of your momentary problem you will formulate the one constructive wish to reach inside and deliberately activate that vaster divine self that dwells deep within you.

Week 3: Lecture 56: Learn to investigate your reactions, and ask yourself what the meaning and further significance of them may be. What do they imply? What lies behind the emotions you register in the most casual incidents of your life?  What is the emotion you register just at first, and what is behind it?

Week 4: Lecture 168: If you are in fear, therefore cramped, therefore alienated from the life force in you, you must really face the fear on the deepest level.

Week 5: QA137: You can only make up and receive and fill your needs when you forget inwardly the past, when you are done with it, when you start on a new clean slate as an adult and grown-up, when you discover the great freedom and strength of giving love. Then you are healed.

Week 6: Lecture 45: If you wish to find out who you are, you have to ascertain first what your desires are in each of your daily reactions.

Week 7: Lecture 163: “All the pain and frustration the average human being goes through in the course of a lifetime is exclusively the result of not knowing your true identity. And the constant struggle of living is that you unconsciously know that there is something to recapture, there is some secret key that could open life.”

Week 8: Lecture 166: “If you do not meet that in you which freezes and paralyzes the living spirit, it is impossible to be moved and lived by the living spirit.”

Week 9: Lecture 168: “When the fundamental creative process is not obstructed and the ongoing process is functional and harmonious, the endless continuum of creation spreads and floods over with joy and well-being.”

Week 10: QA171: “Soul substance is the creative matter that formulates people’s lives. And all the concepts and the beliefs and ideas and the sum total of what the personality expresses formulates his personal soul substance. It is the blueprint for his life.”

Week 11: Lecture 41: “Karma is nothing else but cause and effect. The same law works within one life span. If you find in this present life your images and wrong conclusions, you will see cause and effect clearly demonstrated, by understanding, seeing, and experiencing in your own person the truth of the law of cause and effect.”

Week 12: QA 121: “The ideal state to be is to find the security within yourself, which can only happen that you accept yourself as you are: an imperfect, limited human being.”

Week 13: Lecture 27: “Many of you seriously desire to fulfill a task for God’s vineyard. But have you ever asked yourself whether you are truly ready for it? Are you really willing to sacrifice? For sacrifice is necessary. Ask yourself why you want to do it.”

Week 14: Lecture 82: “Jesus’ reappearance to His disciples clearly illustrates, ‘After my ordeal and after having met my ordeal in the full sense, without pretense and self-deception, having gone through it to the ultimate, I now live in the true sense of the word, in the full sense of the word. You, too, can do it. You do not have to wait for physical death, for you die many deaths every day, in all your little ordeals and struggles. In the manner that you meet these is determined the subsequent life and fullness of joy that can be yours. If you meet these ordeals and struggles in a similar spirit of truthfulness, you will to that degree experience life and joy while still in the body.’ “

Week 15: QA 192: “ ‘My need to be perfect is an unrealistic need; I do not really need that. I do not need it because it is not true. I am not perfect. I am human, and as a human being I incorporate the best but also the low qualities. And I want to get to know these low qualities without fear and without diminishing myself.’ ”

Week 16: Lecture 165: Now you must learn to honestly register and endure your feelings. You can begin by emphasizing in your meditations: “I would like to know, experience, and feel what I really feel.”

Week 17: Lecture QA229: “If you can accept and love yourself, you can give and be happy and you can function as a rich, abundant, nourishing being. And only then can you also feel deserving of all the abundance that is truly available for you.”

Week 18: Lecture 258: “If you work, rest, play, live, move, and have your being in harmony with your unique rhythm pattern, you will live a much more fruitful, creative, joyful, and peaceful life.”

Week 19: Lecture 173: “The center in the solar plexus region is the channel of communication with the inner wisdom of cosmic truth.”

Week 20: Lecture 94: “The only way to free your real self sufficiently is to find your particular point of relinquishing, which must be hidden somewhere right in the problem with which you are concerned.”

Week 21: QA244: The Holy Spirit exists in all truth, in all voices that express God’s truth. It exists in the form of angels and highly developed spirits who come to your aid and voice what you need to hear.”

Week 22: Lecture 190: “You are now truly ready to venture into the depths of your being, where you let go and give yourself freely to all feelings that have accumulated in you and which could never leave your system or transform into their natural energy streams because you have locked the gates to feeling your feelings.”

Week 23: Lecture 95: “Your fight is to find the state of being while in awareness. With awareness, you can reach a proper combination of activity and passivity, action and inaction.”

Week 24: Lecture 33: What robs you of your peace and inner harmony is never what others do, but always and solely your own wrong attitudes and inner fights against conditions you cannot change and, what is more, you are not supposed to change. You are supposed to change yourself. And once you have done that, you will be free, and you will feel a new independence of other people’s behavior or reactions, that can never bring you any harm in the last analysis.”

Week 25: Lecture 134: “When you take the right and constructive steps to integrate the outer and the inner being, through actively establishing contact between them, life can be infinitely more than you could wish for.”

Week 26: Lecture 25: “Before you can come to the point in your development when testing periods and times of trouble will cease, you must first go through the stage of completely understanding these periods of difficulty, and then meet them in a spirit of courage and wisdom.”

Week 27: Lecture 88: “True religion does not obey. It is free. True religion is a willing process, a free, self-determined action, derived out of understanding.”

Week 28: Lecture 75: “The greater aim: the transition from the self-centered isolated state into the state of union with all, the recognition of yourself as an integral part of a whole in a creation that strives endlessly and ceaselessly toward this greater fulfillment.”

Week 29: Lecture 165: “Self-realisation means to bring forth as a living reality the kernel of your spiritual being,that kernel of self that is eternal.”

Week 30: Lecture 40: There are certain people who have such control over their mind and body that they can endure dreadful injuries without feeling any pain. They have learned to accept the oncoming pain, accepting it without any revolt, giving themselves up to it. Thus they are in a state of relaxation to such a high degree that what would ordinarily hurt badly does not hurt anymore.”

Week 31: Lecture 115: “Part of the work on the path is also the finding of unpleasant, faulty aspects of yourself that are painful, humiliating, and unflattering. But part of the Pathwork is the finding of true values, of constructive inclinations, of thoughts and feelings that you held down artificially because you erroneously believe them to be wrong.”

Week 32: Lecture 192: “Parents, a certain environment, and specific conditions seem to be responsible for painful experience in childhood. But actually the undeveloped state of the parents functions as a means to bring out what would otherwise remain inaccessible, dormant, and blocking total purification.”

Week 33: QA177: “In order to like yourself, you have to find out why you do not like yourself. And the reason for that is always that there are certain feelings and attitudes and aspects which you have absolutely not accepted in yourself.”

Week 34: Lecture 212: “When it comes to your real greatness, you become very inhibited, ashamed, even afraid, and you hold back what you could be, what you sense you already are.”

Week 35: QA 144: “In finding unity in your daily life, it is absolutely indispensable that you discover your selfrejection and the lack of a good opinion you hold about yourself.”

Week 36: Lecture 211: The inner reality is the wide, vast universe, and you, as a personality, stand on the borderline with on one side this wide, vast, endless, infinite inner space of creation in which every conceivable state of consciousness, expression, and condition exists and on the other side the outer void that has to be filled with consciousness and light, with love and life.”

Week 37: Lecture 49: Evil and destruction can work in you through the basic error that self-seeking, egotism, and selfishness will protect you from hurt, will bring you reward.”

Week 38: Lecture 220: “If you humbly ask the best in yourself: “What do I need to see in myself? Where am I still blind? What can you tell me?,” and if you really want the truth and you open yourself, the divine voice will instruct you in the most marvelous way.”

Week 39: QA 245: When you are in a state of joyousness and peace, you are fully following your destiny, your path, as you should and are capable of doing. Old age, and the state of mind that accompanies it, is a likewise indication. Old people who have inner peace, joy and a deep sense of having fulfilled themselves in this life, have truly done just that.”

Week 40: QA241: My most beloved friends, I would like to tell you what a beautiful beautiful creation you are involved in through your path and your task, through your own development.”

Week 41: Lecture 61: “Each one of you can be an instrument of grace. If, by your development, you come to understand more profoundly, and your power and capacity to love truly unfolds — not by force and compulsion, but in reality — you have an effect on others, and therefore on the world, such as you cannot imagine.”

Week 42: Lecture 28: Only when you have found God within yourself, your heart will be at rest, your life will make sense with all the puzzlement it represents; for it will cease to present a question mark to you.”

Week 43: Lecture 139: Bring the manifestation of the live-center, with its vulnerability, its strength of feelings, together with your adult understanding, with your ego faculties.”

Week 44: Lecture 49: Emotional maturity is foremost the ability to love, the capacity to love. But wherever fear of being hurt, fear of disappointment, fear of life’s risks exist, emotional maturity does not exist.”

Week 45: Lecture 143: The only way you can truly enter into the unitive state of life, in which you can truly be master, is by no longer needing to triumph, to win, to be separate, to be special, to be right, to have it your way, by finding and discovering the need in all situations, whatever they are, whether you deem them good or bad, right or wrong.”

Week 46: QA 232: “When you leave one situation behind and go into the next, it is a redeath and a rebirth. And tomorrow there may be another redeath and a rebirth. A lifetime is but a day from a different measurement system. It is but a dream you have during a night in a different measurement system.”

Week 47: Lecture 250: “When you secretly believe you are a totally unlovable and unacceptable human being, you build on deficit. When your real and false guilts prevent you from turning yourself fully over to God, you build on deficit.”

Week 48: Lecture 53: “There is the healthy kind of self-love existing in the mature soul, but wherever your unconscious attitudes and currents are distorted, healthy self-love will be distorted as well.”

Week 49: Lecture 103: “There can be no fulfillment of any sort without good human relationships. And good human relationships are impossible without love and without all the various aspects that are part of love.”

Week 50: Lecture 106: “Wherever there is stagnation, discouragement, depression about the validity of your work, in some corner of your being you do evade yourself. All those who, step by step, overcome this resistance that is universal do feel their own growing, do feel their liberation from shackles.”

Week 51: Lecture 239: “In the New Age, the energy, the impetus, the power of the Christ has newly risen. It is not a sentimental meek force by any means. It has tremendous power. Its strength sweeps your earth sphere, and those of you who are ready and have the courage, the inner courage, to make room for joy, for pleasure, to make room for ecstasy can experience the Christ within.”

Week 52: Lecture 138: “Whatever I give to life, I have received from it, and I wish to return it to the great cosmic pool to bring more benefit. This, in turn, must inevitably enrich my own life to the exact extent that I willingly give to it, for, truly, life and I are one.”