Quotes pathwork lectures E2013

Week 1:  Lecture 233: Perhaps you will glean from the work on your path you have done until now that every situation you experience is the product of a word you have spoken and are perhaps still speaking constantly within in one way or another, on one level of awareness or another. It is our aim on the path to make all these words you speak day in and day out, every hour and every minute of the day, conscious so that you can understand your creation.

Week 2:  Lecture 130: As long as you fear, it is sometimes — although not always — inevitable to go through that which is feared in order to lose the fear. If fear can be shed by realization of the truth that there is no reason to fear, then it is not necessary to go through it. But man is often incapable of doing so, hence he must familiarize himself so much with the feared circumstances that they lose their threat.

Week 3:  Lecture 168: Not knowing what goes on in the self is obviously the greatest obstruction there is. It is also more responsible than any other single factor for fear. Every destructiveness is connected with fear — either comes from it and/or leads to it and perpetuates it.

Week 4:  Lecture 15: If your life is in accordance with your destiny, if you fulfill the maximum you are able to fulfill according to your development — which is, alas, not often the case — you must create forms that will build harmonious spheres, buildings, landscapes, etc. in the spirit world.

Week 5:  Lecture 159: The conscious mind you express in your daily living is separated from the vast whole, the universal mind, only by an illusory belief that you are separate. You do not possess an aspect of this universal mind, you are not even a separated part of it. You are it.

Week 6:  Lecture 119: The higher the overall development of an entity, the greater the bliss, the fuller the experience of pleasure, and the less of pain and suffering. This is due to correct evaluation and realistic perception and free flowing movement, unhampered by fears, inhibitions, and paralysis.

Week 7: Lecture 206: When you are very tempted to spew out to the other person, ask yourself, “What is ugly in me, and what is ugly in him or her?” And then, “What is beautiful in me, and what is beautiful in him or her?” But really mean these questions. Leave the questions open and wait for the answers until you are receptive enough for them to reveal themselves to you.

Week 8: Lecture 148: Where the outer negative conditions activate the dormant inner negative condition is the point at which the positive life force turns into a destructive nonlife force. Feelings turn from love to fear and hostility, from trust to distrust, and so on. And finally the negative power becomes so unbearable that it is numbed altogether.

Week 9: Lecture 99: Let us once again remember that man without love is withering away. It is not the love that you receive that is the most important thing. It is the love force in your heart that is the spiritual life blood you need.

Week 10: Lecture 100: Imagine the effect it must have on your surroundings when you are no longer defensive, fearful, withdrawn, falsely superior. You are then open to life, to the heart of another person. The courage to live and to love enables you to help another person weaken his own defenses and destructive patterns.

Week 11: Lecture 106: To the degree that a relationship has problems, to that degree unconscious distortions exist in both parties. Man is alternately tempted to be exclusive in the direction either of only blaming the other or of only assuming self-blame. It takes some time and understanding, some experience on this path, to recognize that one wrong does not eliminate another, that in all problems of relationship all who are involved are responsible.

Week 12: Lecture 11: Salvation lies in the hand of each individual. Only you yourself can break the chains that hold you, but first the wholehearted wish must grow in you bigger than all else. Then the spirits of God will help you further.

Week 13: Lecture 167: When you discover your fear of moving, your distaste of doing so, your reluctance or resistance — physically as well as mentally and emotionally — you have then discovered the cause of living in a sphere of consciousness where death is inevitable. You hasten death to the degree you refute movement on all levels of your being. Movement is refuted because movement awakens the deadness. When the life center is feared because pain and fear cannot be dealt with, numbness is supposed to be the solution. And movement removes the numbness; therefore movement is rejected, not knowing that nonmovement is the beginning of the dying process.

Week 14: Lecture 156: “I let go, I let myself be in pleasure. The possibility for it exists in me, I reach for it, I claim it, and I want to fulfill all conditions to make it a reality. Whatever stands in the way — all violation of my integrity, all untruthfulness and role playing, all cowardly defenses, all self-centeredness that makes me treat others differently from the way I want to be treated — I intend with all my being to face and change.” Such meditations set up a powerful force.

Week 15: Lecture 188: The consciousness is fearful to be overwhelmed by the destructive energies just because it has never accepted them. Consciousness is too proud and too impatient, too much geared to limiting vision and thinking, in order to make room for all the opposites that exist within the human soul. And just because of the limiting tendency of consciousness, the opposites cannot be transcended. Only by full acceptance of the distortion can this distortion transform itself back to its original state – into the beautiful, creative force that energizes you and gives you so much more power and bliss.

Week 16: Lecture 194: When you fulfill the law of truth and love, of honesty and openness, when you remove the defenses and face the lower self, when you are willing to change, then you will feel that it is your birthright to experience the intrinsic nature of the universe: absolute abundance.

Week 17: Lecture 213: You create richness and an open energy system by seeing how your demands defeat your fulfillment, by seeing how your demands and your tight holding imply an insult to the universe. The demand says, “I do not believe I can have, unless I push, pressure, cheat, manipulate, and force it to come to me.”

Week 18: Lecture 200: Every time you feel reluctant to go into a pain, into an anger, into your inner existing rage, it is only dishonesty that makes you reluctant, the wish to appear different from the way you really are. This is the reluctance and the resistance, as well as the artificially cultivated exaggeration of fear of pain that thus make it really unbearable because you cringe from it. When you overcome the imagined need to pretend, if you can be who you are, there is no feeling that cannot be a source of creative energy.

Week 19: Lecture 150: If you wish to look at yourself in the truth of this moment, if you give this your full integrity and honesty and attention, the moment will yield the powers contained in you and offer it for your life.

Week 20: Lecture 148: Since the pleasure current in the life force primarily manifests itself in man’s life as what is referred to as “sexuality,” destructive, blocked energy contains blocked sexual energy. It follows that outer problems must be symbolic or representative of how sexual energy was first stopped by outer conditions.

Week 21: Lecture 212: Your God consciousness and the other person’s God consciousness are never, never in a conflict. What is in conflict is only ego, only the separated state — a state of blindness and limitation.

Week 22: Lecture 125: The path can roughly be divided into two major phases: first, enlisting divine help for recognition of truth; second, enlisting this same agency for the strength, stamina, and ability to change. These two fundamental desires, being part of the great yes-current, must be cultivated in the details of daily living, reactions, thoughts, and feelings. This detail work is the most important aspect of it.

Week 23: Lecture 21: Spiritual darkness annuls knowledge, as spiritual light is knowledge. Just as with human beings, if you have no spiritual enlightenment, you have to work spiritually in order to regain certain glimpses of this light.

Week 24: Lecture 126: As long as you are tied to the wrong idea that an outer event — be it rejection, criticism, loss, or whatever – can cause you suffering, you are in illusion.

Week 25: Lecture 255A: Development always proceeds in the spiral movement, so that one appears, at times, to go back, while one really lifts out previously dormant material that needs to see the light of day. So, you must at times meet the sense of separation in you—the doubts and fears—before the part in you that is already imbued with truth can gradually soak up and transform this negative, raw aspect.

Week 26: Lecture 118: When you discover how you relive your father and mother within yourself, as well as continue to respond to them, you experience your basic split, your very own brand of duality — for duality is not always the same. And therefore your comprehension grows regarding your personal human limitations. Therefore these limitations instantly lessen by the mere fact that they are truly perceived.

Week 27: Lecture 89: The capacity to experience feeling is synonymous with the capacity to give and receive happiness. To the degree that you shy away from any kind of emotional experience, to that extent also do you close the door to the experience of happiness.

Week 28: Lecture 86: Only extensive work on this path will eventually bring you into the position of knowing without a shadow of doubt, without any wavering or guilt, without any need to get allies to confirm how right you are, when to assert yourself and when not to. You will act freely because you so choose, and you do so without inner compulsion in either direction.

Week 29: Lecture 196: When misconceptions can, on the innermost level, be exchanged for truth; when negative intentionality is being exchanged for positive intentionality; and when the individual no longer defends against experiencing pain, the substantial step of initial purification has been accomplished.

Week 30: Lecture 160: When man’s unconscious fears finding the cause of unhappiness within the self, it is an illusion to fear this. Anyone who has ever done so will confirm that this brings relief, safety, and confidence in life. It is only pride that keeps you from fully wanting to find the cause within.

Week 31: Lecture 112: If each opportunity of growth is used through the work on such a path, through going to the roots of each negative happening or mood, if then a deep understanding and liberation is experienced, then the exhilaration and such confidence in life and in yourself as you now experience only occasionally will become more or less a permanent state.

Week 32: Lecture 30: By continuing on this path, the realization must come sooner or later that you are the next fellow, and the next fellow is you. And if you become happy, you must make other people happy. And when I say happy, I do not mean the happiness that you believe in by acquiring the desires of your self-will. No, I mean the greater happiness that must be yours by going on this path of self-purification.

Week 33: Lecture 33: What robs you of your peace and inner harmony is never what others do, but always and solely your own wrong attitudes and inner fights against conditions you cannot change and, what is more, you are not supposed to change. You are supposed to change yourself. And once you have done that, you will be free, and you will feel a new independence of other people’s behavior or reactions, that can never bring you any harm in the last analysis.

Week 34: Lecture 40: The first step to do so is to recognize how, where, and why you have inflicted this dependency on yourself. If you understand your inner motivations and how they have actually brought you more suffering than the one you hoped to avoid, you will become free.

Week 35: Lecture 209: How can you ever get out of the vicious circle and the bind that you are caught in between your unfulfilled needs and your spiteful withholding? By more blame? By more demands? Certainly not! Only when you decide that the universe is worth risking your giving for, only then will you find that you and the universe are one. As you give to it, you give to yourself.

Week 36: Lecture 155: The destructive forces which the individual fears may vary in every conceivable degree of hate, hostility, resentments, rage, anger, cruelty. They exist in every human being. They exist to the degree to which positive expressions have been prohibited — first by the parents and the environment in the ignorant belief that these positive expressions are harmful and may lead to danger, and later by the individual himself. This is very important to understand, my friends. You are not prohibited, once you are an adult, by your past. You prohibit yourself when you continue to hold back those constructive forces which were originally forbidden by others.

Week 37: Lecture 181: 1. Strengthen your will for the recognition and elimination of all negativity.
2. Commit yourself toward wanting it, and request inner help.
3. Say this in so many words, very concisely and decisively, into yourself.
4. Then listen to your own inner answer.
5. Do not gloss over the inner answer, over the first vague feeling of resistance.
6. Acknowledge this resistance very articulately.
7. Realize that this means you wish to retain it, you do not want to let go of it, and you hide this fact from your consciousness.
8. Speculate upon the effects of this fact, and make this hidden intention more conscious.
9. Then consider the possibility of this fact being largely responsible for all that which you would want different in your life.

Week 38: Lecture 139: The simple formula of expressing the deep and full intention and desire to see the full truth about oneself at all times is still not sufficiently used. So much greater liberation could exist if this were followed through in greater detail and with more attention of the self to the immediate situation.

Week 39: Lecture 227: You here, on the path, in your own personal life find out incontrovertibly, without a shadow of doubt if you are willing to really look, that each crisis you experience means a negation of truth, a violation of your divinity. And that is why you are in pain, crisis, and difficulties, and that is how you are suffering as a result of blocking an immensely powerful stream of energy and growing force.

Week 40: Lecture 50: The divine law is always just and fair. You never receive more than you invest. When you invest freely without weak and compulsive motives, you may not get the love back immediately from the same source you invested it in, but it must eventually flow back to you, and at such time in a benign circle. What you give out will flow back, provided you do not give in weakness, in a motive of “proving something.”

Week 41: Lecture 123: When you avoid parts of yourself, you cannot help but project outwardly onto others and into the outside life what seems like a terrifying self-confrontation.

Week 42: Lecture 122: When man accepts his full responsibility on all levels of his being, with all that this entails, he can then let go of himself without danger. When woman does not in fear, pride, and self-will fight her destiny, she must gain the strength and selfhood which give her full security in herself. She finds herself by losing herself. He loses himself by finding himself. And they are both the same!

Week 43: Lecture 138: As you already know, man is terrified of himself. He does everything possible to avoid looking at himself. Only when he has overcome a specific difficulty and resistance, does he find that his fear was not justified. He then experiences relief. He then experiences moments of aliveness because at that particular moment he has contacted his innermost being. When it is evaded, real contact with others is impossible.

Week 44: Lecture 53: The proper kind of self-love is the natural result of the healthy soul. In the measure you heal your inner sicknesses, in that measure you will love yourself properly. For a long time, humanity has lived under the delusion that to love yourself at all is sinful. This is just as wrong as the sick kind of self-love.

Week 45: Lecture 68: A very wonderful divine strength is around you. Open your heart and your soul and your inner will so that you receive it. Let it envelop you, let it penetrate you, let it work for you and with you so that this strength helps you to unfold the best, the most creative that you, as an individual, can be, so that you will make the best of your personality — that which still lies covered, dormant, but which is waiting to be let out. Let this divine strength help you to remove the obstacles existing in you so that your divine spirit may truly unfold and manifest.

Week 46: Lecture 73: Since the child so seldom receives sufficient mature love and warmth, he continues to hunger for it throughout life unless this lack and hurt is recognized and properly dealt with. If not, the person will go through life unconsciously crying out for that which he missed in childhood. This will cause an inability to love maturely. So you can see how this factor spreads from generation to generation.

Week 47: Lecture 112: The only way to experience the flow of time that knows no interruption, that brings you into extended dimensions is to utilize each living moment in the manner you learn to do on this path.

Week 48: Lecture 196: Another hallmark of maturity is one’s attitude toward responsibility. The childish person will experience responsibility as a burden and as an unwelcome, undesirable constriction. The more mature he becomes, the more man sees that freedom and responsibility are interconnected, interdependent, and inseparable. You can never be free when you do not feel responsible.

Week 49: Lecture 151: Each individual for himself has the opportunity to make every living second of life an occasion for expansion and growth. Anyone who seriously pursues this path can corroborate this. Whatever happens to you, you can make it the greatest steppingstone, the best material for further growth, or you can allow it to influence you adversely. This does not merely apply to unhappy incidents, but every bit as much to the favorable events.

Week 50: Lecture 164: “I am a manifestation of God. As such, I am, in my healthy unobstructed state, a happy individual. For only a happy individual can spread and give forth happiness. Only an individual who grows according to his potentials and his ingrained destiny is happy. Thus happiness and the fulfillment of one’s destiny are synonymous. The one is unthinkable without the other. I am also a totally free individual, autonomous and completely responsible for the life I shape for myself. No one else can determine my life, my growth, my happiness. I will not allow myself to subtly hitch this responsibility onto others by ‘buying them’ through my false unselfishness, through  enslavement, through making myself feel so unselfish because I abdicate my rights.”

Week 51: Lecture 225: You are in a wonderful process of awakening. Wake up more, take yourself out of your numbness. Look at it, feel it, hear it — the force within you. It is the living Christ force that can bring the negative material, the negative, stagnant attitude into an entirely new expression.

Week 52: Lecture 258: Jesus Christ is here to give you eternal life, safety, and total fulfillment if you only trust Him and give yourself to Him. You will be sustained with all the juices of life and joy in a constant flow of renewal.