English YouTube meditations and workshops 2024

Check your motives – quote Pathwork Lecture 74: https://youtu.be/C8uw9d-mBeE

Humanity in crisis – quote Pathwork Lecture 120: https://youtu.be/L-ZhKDh8Abg

Aquarius workshop Understanding the duality between perpetrator and victim: https://youtu.be/FNWHd05_dB4

Managing a childhood pain – quote Pathwork Lecture 73: https://youtu.be/yZE7o2hzTYQ

Aquarius workshop The illusory fear of pain: https://youtu.be/I9PhVbNy4Y4

Aquarius workshop The illusory fear of growing old: https://youtu.be/Ej_eG1QdU8U

The illusory fear of growing old: https://youtu.be/v4_YHOwp6-U

Become a happy person – quote Pathwork Lecture 169: https://youtu.be/Y5f2q5FzJuc

A new thought process – quote Pathwork lecture 201: https://youtu.be/FeZow5RrNWw

The mass image of dying – quote Pathwork Lecture 130: https://youtu.be/nt-hq7oRwWE

Emotional maturity: https://youtu.be/vbQirgguNyA

Your important task – quote Pathwork Lecture 189: https://youtu.be/qUbByXZBebA

The voice of God – quote Pathwork Lecture 220: https://youtu.be/OVT5UPq7RqQ