Quotes Pathwork Lectures E2024

Week 1: Lecture 74: You should investigate what your main problems in life are. Put these down concisely, describing in clear-cut words whatever area of your life they may deal with. See exactly where you have problems, either manifest, or inner feelings of anxiety or disharmony. Then check what your motives really are.”

Week 2: Lecture 120: “As the individual grows capable of dissolving his destructive, childish trends through his reason, his power to understand, so will mankind. Hence, mankind is now on the threshold of greater maturity and is therefore in a state of crisis. Do you think that this world you live in would have wars, upheavals, crime, starvation, and all sorts of other difficulties if humanity’s organism would not be similarly split and partly operating on unconsciously false premises just as you as an individual do?”

Week 3: Lecture 73: “No matter how true and understandable your present pain is, it is nevertheless the same childhood pain. You will see how you contributed in bringing about the present pain because of your desire to correct the childhood hurt. But at first, you only have to feel the similarity of the pain.”

Week 4: QA 245: When you are in a state of joyousness and peace, you are fully following your destiny, your path, as you should and are capable of doing. Old age, and the state of mind that accompanies it, is a likewise indication. Old people who have inner peace, joy and a deep sense of having fulfilled themselves in this life, have truly done just that.”

Week 5: Lecture 169: “No obstruction can be removed, no unhappiness eliminated unless you use the activating power. It is necessary to “get up,” as it were, and claim your possibilities, your rights to become a happy person. Nor must you shy away from the effort involved to find the cause of the unhappiness within yourself.”

Week 6: Lecture 201: The new thought process might be: ‘I do not want to stay in this position. There are powers within me that make it possible for me to change and feel good and secure about the change. I do deserve it. This change is my birthright.”

Week 7: Lecture 130: “Let me assure you that the trauma of being born is an infinitely greater one than the one of dying. Yet, a peculiar mass image exists about the frightening element of dying. This mass image is deeply impressed on all those souls who come, again and again, to this earth sphere.”

Week 8: Lecture 49: “Emotional maturity knows no selfishness (of course this is relative on earth; it cannot be absolute yet on your sphere of existence). The more selfish you are, the more immature you are.”

Week 9: Lecture 189: “What a dignity it lends to you when you consider that you undertake an important task for the sake of evolution. This dignity is so much more important than the momentary suffering that accrues from not knowing who you are.”

Week 10: Lecture 220: The voice of God has always spoken to you, as it continues always to speak to you, always in a new way, always in a way adapted exactly to what you need most at any given moment in your life.”

Week 11: Lecture 37: All misunderstandings, all hurts are merely imaginary. They are the by-product on this earth sphere, in which you live partly, at least, in darkness. You think so many times you have reason to be hurt. But you have not!”

Week 12: Lecture 107: “It is much easier to assert your rights and wishes, whether they be right or wrong, selfish or unselfish, if you love. When you do not love, this self-assertion is very hard because your gnawing guilt either paralyzes you; or, if you manage to voice your objections, they will come out in a very hurting way. You cannot really hurt another because you refuse, provided you love.”

Week 13: QA 222: “I say yes to the universe, to its beauty, to abundance, to love and fulfillment on all levels. I deserve it. I can have it. I want to give all of myself, the best of myself, to life and want to be guided in this endeavor by my innermost God. And I reach out receptively to all that is around me and within me. As a happy fulfilled individual, I can be an instrument of God and only as such—and help and give to others. I do not need my cases. I do not need my blame. I do not need my no. I say yes.”

Week 14: Lecture 248: When the Christ manifested God as man and was thus both divine and human, He accomplished the greatest feat imaginable. He proved that it is possible to remain true to God, true to truth, and not succumb to the strongest of influences that the personification of evil could unleash. Through this tremendous act of steadfastness, the man who was God and the God who was man opened the doors in the souls of all created beings.”

Week 15: Lecture 254: You have no idea about the strength of your own spirit. You constantly underestimate it and believe yourself to be much weaker and much more ineffectual than you actually are. Since you must experience according to your belief, it is difficult to find out how strong you really are. You can create anything, for you contain all divine creative tools. And of course you do exactly that.”

Week 16: Lecture 226: You are the source. Even your present personality, your thinking and feeling, your being and experiencing, your capacity to will and decide — all that is the source. Nonlife cannot do any of these things. Even if much of your manifest personality will modify itself, change and expand, all that you know and feel yourself to be is source, not manifestation. Therein lies the confusion that creates fear of not being.”

Week 17: Lectsure 193: “You must discern in what areas to momentarily accept your limitations of will and let go of the forcing current of an overactive will. Reestablishing of will currents cannot be done by the outer will.  If this is being recognized and the pressure of the outer will relaxed,  the inner will can come to the fore and begin its functioning.”

Week 18: Lecture 240: To feel the emotion of love is not possible without the will moving toward being in a loving state. If you do not wish to love, if you do not purposely express the desire to love, if you do not have the intention to love, you will not love.”

Week 19: Lecture 233: Now go into your words. Observe the shallow ones, observe the words of untruth, consider in what way are they untruth. And then have the courage to speak the word of truth. For example, ‘I am God. I am worthy of the best. I can give the best. I will give the best. I will let God give through me in sincerity, in strength, in truth, in wisdom, in beauty.”

Week 20: Lecture 235: The path is a spiral movement. Each round of the spiral is a new layer, and at the entrance of each round a new and deeper commitment needs to be made. The circles are not closed, they have openings. As you discover this new opening, you need to make a new commitment on a yet deeper level: to let go and to let God; to give all of yourself to the truth, to the truth of being, to no longer hide from your truth.”

Week 21: Lecture 108: “The feeling of not daring to love may apply only to certain areas of your life, not to all relationships. Then, when you verify this point, you will ascertain the real guilt that produces the unjustified guilts as well as the perfectionism.”

Week 22: Pathwork AM 11: If you decide with your mind, with your thought, with your commitment, with your intentionality right now to express the truth and the love of God in every individual situation, you will manifest God on the conscious level and you will always know what to do. You are then the New Age person.”

Week 23: Lecture 102: Healthy anger will never make you tense and guilty and ill at ease. It does not compel you to justify yourself. Healthy anger will never weaken you. Any healthy feeling will give you strength and freedom even if the feeling outwardly appears to be negative.”

Week 24: Lecture 213: Where you feel rich, you will always be rich because you must also have a giving and honest attitude. But where you feel poor, you will continue to be poor until you establish richness within through giving and honesty.”

Week 25: Lecture 77: The first requirement to give up the forcing current is to feel its existence. Just verify it. And then ask yourself specific questions. What is it that I want? Why? The clear and precise answer to these questions is of utmost importance — what you specifically want in any given moment, and why. Moreover, why does the attainment seem so important?”

Week 26: Lecture 167: When you discover your fear of moving, your distaste of doing so, your reluctance or resistance — physically as well as mentally and emotionally — you have then discovered the cause of living in a sphere of consciousness where death is inevitable. You hasten death to the degree you refute movement on all levels of your being.”