Quotes Pathwork Lectures E2024

Week 1: Lecture 74: You should investigate what your main problems in life are. Put these down concisely, describing in clear-cut words whatever area of your life they may deal with. See exactly where you have problems, either manifest, or inner feelings of anxiety or disharmony. Then check what your motives really are.”

Week 2: Lecture 120: “As the individual grows capable of dissolving his destructive, childish trends through his reason, his power to understand, so will mankind. Hence, mankind is now on the threshold of greater maturity and is therefore in a state of crisis. Do you think that this world you live in would have wars, upheavals, crime, starvation, and all sorts of other difficulties if humanity’s organism would not be similarly split and partly operating on unconsciously false premises just as you as an individual do?”

Week 3: Lecture 73: “No matter how true and understandable your present pain is, it is nevertheless the same childhood pain. You will see how you contributed in bringing about the present pain because of your desire to correct the childhood hurt. But at first, you only have to feel the similarity of the pain.”

Week 4: QA 245: When you are in a state of joyousness and peace, you are fully following your destiny, your path, as you should and are capable of doing. Old age, and the state of mind that accompanies it, is a likewise indication. Old people who have inner peace, joy and a deep sense of having fulfilled themselves in this life, have truly done just that.”

Week 5: Lecture 169: “No obstruction can be removed, no unhappiness eliminated unless you use the activating power. It is necessary to “get up,” as it were, and claim your possibilities, your rights to become a happy person. Nor must you shy away from the effort involved to find the cause of the unhappiness within yourself.”

Week 6: Lecture 201: The new thought process might be: ‘I do not want to stay in this position. There are powers within me that make it possible for me to change and feel good and secure about the change. I do deserve it. This change is my birthright.”

Week 7: Lecture 130: “Let me assure you that the trauma of being born is an infinitely greater one than the one of dying. Yet, a peculiar mass image exists about the frightening element of dying. This mass image is deeply impressed on all those souls who come, again and again, to this earth sphere.”

Week 8: Lecture 49: “Emotional maturity knows no selfishness (of course this is relative on earth; it cannot be absolute yet on your sphere of existence). The more selfish you are, the more immature you are.”

Week 9: Lecture 189: “What a dignity it lends to you when you consider that you undertake an important task for the sake of evolution. This dignity is so much more important than the momentary suffering that accrues from not knowing who you are.”

Week 10: Lecture 220: The voice of God has always spoken to you, as it continues always to speak to you, always in a new way, always in a way adapted exactly to what you need most at any given moment in your life.”