Quotes pathwork lectures E2020

Week 1: Lecture 126: Most of you have made sufficient progress to know that what you leave behind was unnecessary hardship and that the growth you move toward, the new way of life you adopt, is indeed much easier than what you so tightly held on to.

Week 2: Lecture 137: Your inner center is the divine consciousness. It permeates the entire universe, it comprises all. Hence, the inner center of one human being is one with the inner center of every other human being.

Week 3: Lecture 77: If you are in harmony with the stream of life, giving yourself up to it, whatever comes your way will smoothly carry you forward.

Week 4: Lecture 33: What robs you of your peace and inner harmony is never what others do, but always and solely your own wrong attitudes and inner fights against conditions you cannot change and, what is more, you are not supposed to change. You are supposed to change yourself.

Week 5: Lecture 138: When your psyche is geared to “me and the other,” then there is no more conflict between giving and receiving. Then there is no more refusal to add to life, and, consequently, deep sorrow and suffering, isolation and conflict, guilt and frustration must cease.

Week 6: Lecture 141: The desire to be with others instead of against them has to be expressed. This entire new attitude and way of life has to be actively wanted, embraced, cultivated. It does not happen otherwise, it does not come by itself unless the ego wishes for it. Only then can all your fears, all your sense of worthlessness vanish.

Week 7: Lecture 245: Where you have fear, insecurity, anxiety, self-doubt, conflict with others, altercations with your environment, or any kind of unfulfillment or frustration, there must be the underlying cause in which you deny the call of your soul.

Week 8: Lecture 57: A universal mass image is the following: “If I receive attention or approval or admiration, all my worth is established not only in the eyes of the world but in my own eyes. If I cannot get it, then I am inferior.”

Week 9: Lecture 107: The law of cause and effect is to the finest detail an organic, infinitely just and harmonious process, a balancing factor in the entire universe, so exact in its workings that error or injustice is utterly impossible.

Week 10: Lecture 35: The fullness of life means always trusting again and again; always trying to have an understanding heart; and trying to feel why the other could not but help to do what he has done.

Week 11: Lecture QA121: Most diseases or sicknesses, and most any grave disharmony are a conglomeration of several factors. Number one is fear of positive feelings, fear of the healthy outlet of the instinctual nature. Factor number two is complete self-rejection in the erroneous assumption you have no value; and factor number three is the deliberate thwarting of your need for healthy, aggressive pursuits and deliberately stomping them and incapacitating thereby the healthy, mature ego functioning.

Week 12: Lecture 145: Do you let go the fear, the pride, the self-will of your ego and strive toward the voice of the divine in you? This way is always open, and whenever chosen, it must result in emancipation from the ego struggle, with its solutionless pain and anxiety.

Week 13: Lecture 133: When love exists, there must be physical health, which is one of the great desirable factors in human life. Love is a purifying force. When love is lacking, to that degree, all sorts of negative emotions cause ill health when the trouble remains sufficiently long unrecognized.

Week 13 extra: Lecture 63: It is not true that you are the victim of intangible forces inside or outside of yourself that you have no control over. On the contrary, you can always find that part in you where you wished sickness as a solution, although you did not wish for the problems that the sickness brought along and which the child in you could not foresee.

Week 14: Lecture 96: If you were more accepting of the world, you would be more accepting of yourself. And if you were more accepting of yourself, you would have more trust in life, in the life force, in God, in the wisdom and love that Creation is. But your lack of acceptance makes you blind, self-centered, and fearful. Only in learning acceptance can you attain the state of inner relaxation that is so badly lacking.

Week 14 extra: Lecture 216: You all float in a safe cloud of divine consciousness, and you are nurtured by divine love whether you know it, feel it, and experience it, or not. Your total consciousness knows it. Your fragmented consciousness does not. Try to connect with your inner being so that you will know this to be true.

Week 15: Lecture 81: The solution lies in facing the unknown, in confronting the fear of it, and in learning the strength to die. He who knows how to die, knows how to live. Needless to say, you do not have to wait for actual physical death to occur in order to learn this.

Week 15 extra: Lecture 230: He who completely accepts and embraces life cannot fear death, and vice versa. It is one and the same phenomenon; therefore one and the same attitude must prevail about life, death, change, movement.

Week 16: Lecture 54: The spiritual significance of Good Friday is to take the cross that you have made upon your own shoulders. By taking the cross upon yourself you say yes to self-responsibility and so to your fate. By the mere act of saying yes you are ready to dissolve this cross, to go through the difficulties, through the “crucifixion” in as positive and healthy a spirit as possible.

Week 16 extra: Lecture 130: Nothing one truly knows, even the greatest difficulties, are really feared. In order to make the unknown known, the feared unknown must often be entered into — just like the experience of dying. But this must, by no means, be construed to mean the looking for negative, painful experience. When you open your whole psyche for positive experience without a trace of fear of the negative, then the unknown must become more and more known; life becomes more and more of a fulfillment on all levels.

Week 17: Lecture 209: Only when you decide that the universe is worth risking your giving for, only then will you find that you and the universe are one. As you give to it, you give to yourself. And if you withhold yourself, it is impossible that you receive from life. For life can only reveal to you to the extent you give to it.

Week 17 extra: Lecture 12: First of all, even in mass or group disasters, an individual will never need to experience anything that does not fit into his or her own destiny. Second, every person, except those very few who have already reached a higher state of purification, is also sharing the responsibility for wars and other mass disasters.

Week 18: Lecture 181: I am willing to accept difficulties on the way, for I know that in overcoming them will I be capable of receiving the good of life.

Week 18 extra: Lecture 70: Inner errors cause you to fear life, therefore, often unconsciously, to wish for death in various degrees. The unconscious desire for sickness is a degree of death. The weakness, resulting from tension and fear, indirectly creates a weakening of the physical body, and directly an unconscious desire for sickness and death.

Week 19: Lecture 25: I can promise you that after a certain time on the path you will enjoy life in spite of your difficulties and before they have actually begun to cease. You will come to relish life in a way you have never been able to do before.

Week 19 extra: Lecture 68: The presence of destructive tendencies based on wrong conclusions in the unconscious causes the prohibition of the constructive and creative in you.

Week 20: Lecture 70: The illusions, being untrue, in the last analysis always create fear and withdrawal from life. When the illusions are gone, the will to live, to be healthy, becomes stronger and stronger, since they are not undermined by the unconscious opposite desires.

Week 20 extra: Lecture 115: If you are insecure, you cannot trust yourself. If you do not trust yourself, how can you love yourself? So you see, healthy self-love and inner security are directly linked.

Week 21: Lecture 240: Love your beautiful structure, love your incarnation. Love all that is around you, even that which seems to infringe on you in some way. Recognize its lesson and begin to love it.

Week 21 extra: Lecture 156: Say words if possible every day, such as “I want to face the truth, I want to let come up whatever is in me.”

Week 22: Lecture 105: The best prayer in the world, is the renewed constant intent to face yourself without any reservation; to remove all pretenses between your conscious mind and that which is in you; and then, to remove the pretense between what is in you, and others.

Week 22 extra: Lecture 189: Every human being fulfills an immense task in the universal scale of evolution. This gives you a great dignity. This dignity is so much more important than the momentary suffering that accrues from not knowing who you are. Do not ever forget that you are not your ugly traits.

Week 23: Lecture 256: Focused emptiness is the ideal state to be filled by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the whole world of God in all its splendor, in its indescribable magnificence.

Week 24: Lecture 173: As you can perceive, in your growing self-awareness, your inner blocks of tension and cramp only “cover” another state in which you are free and flowing and joyful, so do you begin to see that behind every sick particle of yours exists its healthy original state.

Week 25: Lecture 145: Find the exact point where your positive wishes are blocked, where you feel you cannot get through. And then question what particular character defect does not permit you to abandon a self-destructive, self-denying attitude? State clearly that you wish to find it.

Week 26: Lecture 89: If you experience your emotions as they happen to exist in you now, an organic process of emotional growth will occur wherein feelings will naturally change their direction, their aim, their intensity, their nature.

Week 27: Lecture 33: When things go comparatively well, it is easier to turn to God, to re-evaluate your own attitude than when you are in the midst of certain types of pain and confusion. Therefore, I say to you, prepare yourself for these times of tests when it is not so difficult.

Week 28: Additional Material No.11: You do not face your low opinion of yourself. And that is really the crux of the matter. Again and again I say to you your low opinion of yourself is false, no matter what your lower self is up to. You are a creature of God, you are a manifestation of God.

Week 29: Lecture 94: Whenever you act out of your real self, you are in complete unity with yourself. There is no doubt, no confusion, no anxiety, no tension. You are not concerned with the appearance of the act in the eyes of others. Nor are you concerned about the principle or rule.

Week 30: Additional Material No.7: As you deepen your pathwork, you will come increasingly to the realization that an extremely simple formula holds true of life. This formula is: to the degree you give to life, others, yourself, to that exact degree you will be able to experience, sustain and bear intense pleasure and fulfillment.

Week 31: Lecture 186: The first step lies in your active participation as you walk the path that leads into your innermost being. The second step, stating and clarifying your conflict, must generate more of the great universal power that is infinite in supply — outside and inside of you.

Week 32: Lecture 164: Only he who can be selfish in the right, healthy way is capable of genuine concern for the rights of others. Selfishness has a tremendously healthy origin. Its origin says: “I am a manifestation of God.

Week 33: Lecture 156: Nothing seems to require as much courage at first as partaking in the pleasure supreme which creation is. You have to muster courage again and again, by deliberately instructing your still unwilling and tentative unconscious: “I let go, I let myself be in pleasure.”

Week 34: Lecture 58: The rulership principle is inherent in every soul. In the measure that you discover the desire for rulership and learn to give it up voluntarily, in that measure you will give up provoking unhappiness and misery.

Week 35: Lecture 130: Life and death are the same, two facets of one and the same process. You must learn the ability of dying and that you will do so by acceptance. By acceptance you will learn that there is nothing to be feared — in fact, that there is no death.

Week 36: Lecture 217: Cosmic consciousness fills you with indescribable joy, peace, security, and gratitude for what exists. This awareness, my friends, must be earned. Cosmic consciousness cannot be directly aimed at. It is the final state of expanded self-awareness that you cultivate on a path such as this.

Week 37: Lecture 182: Effective meditation takes place by the conscious ego level activating both the unconscious, egotistical, destructive self and the supraconscious, superior, universal self. A constant interaction between these three levels must take place. In order to make this constant interaction possible, a tremendous amount of alertness, wakefulness on the part of your conscious ego self is required.

Week 38: Lecture 67: Whenever you shall have gained the full understanding of what self-responsibility means, fear dissolves because you know without a doubt that you are never dependent on the whim of other people; you are never exposed to chaotic coincidence.

Week 39: Lecture QA199: Again and again and again we must witness the sadness of an entity leaving his body and saying, “If only I would have listened and had been open to the opportunities that I have been presented with,” for each one has innumerable opportunities and they are so often being rejected.

Week 40: Lecture 216: It is the task of every fragmented, apparently disconnected aspect of consciousness to realize its true identity and connection with the real self. This happens through an often laborious groping, searching, and attempts of the mind to expand its own narrow limitations.

Week 41: Lecture 230: As you grow and overcome distrust of change, you will no longer prohibit yourself from changing and developing and expanding. Then you shall experience the universe and life as intensely trustworthy, desirable, beautiful, and secure.

Week 42: Lecture 233: You are all one and you need not fight for what is yours. Simply claim what you were always meant to experience. However, your inner self will let you do this fully only when you purify yourself.

Week 43: Lecture 99: Check yourself wherever you do find resistance accompanied by the desire to look away from your inner resistance. That is the very point, the very threshold that you must go through at one time or another in order to become free, in order to unclog your love channel and to live a productive life in which you feel useful, in which you feel that you fulfill a meaningful part.

Week 44: Lecture 13: You learn to take yourselves as you are. So you learn humility. You learn your true inner nature with all its faces, not only the faces you want to see.

Week 45: Lecture 15: As you know, there is no thought without substance and form. Daydreams create their forms too. And these thought-forms stand in the way to any fulfillment that you would be capable of bringing about. It is very tempting to escape in this seemingly harmless way, but my advice is, do not let yourselves be tempted because these thought-forms prevent you from true fulfillment.

Week 46: QA133: It is of utmost importance that you determine in your daily meditations to allow yourself to feel freely what you feel, without any encumbrance, without any hindrance on your part, because where you hinder this is where you use your ego in a wrong way, in a way that is detrimental for you.

Week 47: Lecture 31: When you are sad or depressed, when you are dissatisfied with your life it is always because your spirit is starved. And only the spiritual food of spiritual development can make you truly happy and fulfilled.

Week 48: Lecture 33: Work first towards the immediate goal, which is: knowing and accepting yourself as you are; having no illusions about yourself; attaining a healthy attitude towards your shortcomings; learning to live according to life’s rules; not shirking from the sometimes necessary difficulties.

Week 49: Lecture 37: If you learn from the hard times and ask God in the darkest hour, “What do You want to teach me?; what is there in me that has caused this?” then you take the right attitude.

Week 50: Lecture 63: You can always find that part in you where you wished sickness as a solution, although you did not wish for the problems that the sickness brought along and which the child in you could not foresee.

Week 51: Lecture 72: As you proceed on this particular road on your path, you will begin to function differently as a human being, in all respects. Your life experience will become much fuller. You will be so alive in each moment! You will be aware of yourself and others as you never knew it could happen. Forces will develop in you such as you cannot imagine possible — creative forces, new perceptions, a growing and unfolding intuition that will give you a stronghold and security such as you cannot realize, even now after all your progress.

Week 52: Lecture 219: At this time, in your realm of consciousness, you celebrate a certain symbolic event. This event is the celebration of the Christ consciousness, or the divine consciousness deep within your own being.

Week 53: Lecture 42: At this time of the year, the strong forces of love, coming from the King of the universe, touch all spheres, and whoever is open and in quiet harmony can receive this force that is a blessing for your body, your soul, and your spirit.