Claim your birthright

Aquarius workshop

Claim your birthright

“When you fulfill the law of truth and love, of honesty and openness, when you remove the defenses and face the lower self, when you are willing to change, then you will feel that it is your birthright to experience the intrinsic nature of the universe: absolute abundance.”

Quote from Pathwork Lecture 194: Medition; its laws and various approaches

The Aquariusman knows that bliss is his birthright and that being happy is independent of personal circumstances or outer situations. This person enjoys giving the very best of himself to himself, others and life and therefore has a justified faith in the life force and involuntary processes. Because he chooses to be faithful to the spiritual laws of the clear conscience and to live according to self-found concepts, he is authentic, honest and truthful. Every human being has the ability to claim his birthright right Now by being in a natural state of peace and happiness, but that depends on the following two aspects:

  1. Healthy self-love and self-esteem: To the extent that there is healthy self-love and self-esteem, there is peace and happiness. When love is lacking, it is an unnaturally painful state of self-alienation that blocks the life force. Every moment in which we damage our integrity due to blind obedience creates real guilt and closes the door to universal bliss. We violate our integrity and self-development if we do not freely follow the spiritual laws, but adopt the norms and values ​​of society.To rebel against those rules is the other side of the same coin and also a betrayal of the true self with its loving, just laws.

  2. Facing the Now: The Aquariusman enjoys being in the Now, but ane emotionally immature person is caught in the negative pleasure of escaping the Now and being away from himself. Every moment, every Now, offers the opportunity to find bliss, peace, purpose and joy by facing ourselves with integrity and not fleeing from the truth. The ego becomes healthier and more powerful when we perceive, accept and feel every mood we are currently experiencing, whether it be fear, despair, emotional pain, boredom, depression or impatience, rather than following the automatic reflex to push that mood away. That mood contains beneath the suppressed emotions the true self, the life force, the Now and therefore bliss.

In this workshop we will explore with a loving curiosity three fundamental themes of the Pathwork Lectures regarding Claiming your birthright.

1st theme: The message from the Real Self

On the dualistic level, we identify with the ego, are emotionally dependent, and alienated from the true self. We reject ourselves and therefore depend on the respect and approval of the outside world. The helplessness and wasted energy of this dualistic struggle rob man of his birthright. Only at the unity level of the true self can we find our birthright and our survival and healthy self-esteem no longer depend on other people. At that level we transcend the misconceptions of the fearful ego.

“The message coming from the real self says, ‘Your birthright is perfect happiness, freedom, and mastery over life.’ When you fight for this birthright under dualistic principles, you remove yourself further and further from the realization of yourself, in which you could truly have mastery, freedom, and total fulfillment of yourself. You seek all this with false means.” (Quote from Pathwork Lecture 143)

2nd theme: Ignoring your birthright

It takes courage to follow the individual life plan that we carry with us from birth: to respond to the call of the true self to move in a certain direction and to claim our birthright. If we ignore that inner call of the true self, we suppress creative and righteous desires and are restless. We block the spiritual unfoldment of ourselves. It takes courage to follow the call of the true self, because the outside world can react negatively to this decision and make us doubt. By making contact with the true self, we can feel whether the way we live now is exactly what our soul needs for maximum growth and self-development.

“The more man ignores his birthright to be happy and overlooks the messages of his spirit that want to set him into the direction of living according to these basic rights, the more he wants to cheat and get by with giving nothing. In fact, it is a logical connection. The more a human being believes he must sacrifice his fundamental happiness because to do this is “right,” “good,” or “mature,” the more he becomes deprived, with the inevitable further result of secret destructiveness, ruthless selfishness somewhere underground, as far as emotional inclinations are concerned.” (Quote from Pathwork Lecture 164)

3rd theme: Change is your birthright

In reality, life is infinite because life cannot cease to exist. The essence of life is constant change. There is constant change going on, even in the temporarily frozen consciousness of our immature aspects. Therefore, it is certainly possible to reactivate the frozen forces in the neurotic childish aspect. Only the conscious ego, through self-examination and the help of the true self, can talk to and teach the ignorant inner child. This causes the blocked energy and weakened consciousness to move, change and awaken again. This melts the frozen energy/consciousness making it able to unite with the life force of universal consciousness.

“I do not want to stay in this position. There are powers within me that make it possible for me to change and feel good and secure about the change. I do deserve it. This change is my birthright. I claim this birthright. I can subsist on good feelings. I can sustain them, I can endure them just as I can endure pain or disappointment. I now decide to no longer believe in the fallacy that either pain or good feelings cannot be borne by me. If there are any areas within me where I still battle and defend against either the painful or the love feelings — the giving and the receiving of love — the power in me can make me conscious of it and can help me lift myself out of the groove that has been set by the force field of this attitude and bring a new force field into being. I pray for the power, the belief, the faith, and the volition to be totally committed to living my life in a good, in a deeply feeling, in an honest way.”  (Quote from Pathwork Lecture 201)

You are invited to participate in an English- speaking zoom workshop “Claim your birthright”. The workshop deals with three themes from the Pathwerk lectures.

The workshop lasts 2 hours. We will start with a short relaxation meditation. This will be followed by an introduction then there will be an opportunity to discuss your experiences on this subject and to ask questions.

The last part of the workshop consists of a guided meditation and the sharing of received inspirations.

The free workshop will be held on Saturday October 21st at PST 10:30-12:30, EST 13:30-15:30, GMT 18:30-20:30, CET 19:30-21:30.

After you have registered for the free workshop (, you will receive a zoom link.