Quotes pathwork lectures E2022

Week 1: Lecture 9: “OUR FATHER. When you think of the meaning of these words, you presumably picture God as the father of all beings. But as you say the words very intimately to yourself, try to meditate very specifically on how God’s fatherhood also applies to those people you do not like, or do not care for, toward whom you feel resistance, or with whom you just happen to be in discord.”

Week 2: Lecture 36: “How much can you connect your faults with your qualities and your faults with your faults? How deeply are you aware of your fears?”

Week 3: Lecture 44: The erotic force is one of the most potent forces in existence, and it has a great amount of momentum and impact.”

Week 4: Lecture 142: “As long as man associates his identity exclusively with the outer ego, he must fear to let it go, for this appears like annihilation in the sense that he loses his sense of existing.”

Week 5: Lecture 213: True remorse has nothing to do with either guilt or shame. It simply recognizes your shortcomings, limitations, faults, impurities, negativities. It admits that there are parts in you in which you violate spiritual laws and thus violate your deepest integrity.”

Week 6: Lecture 226: “You confuse self-acceptance and self-forgiveness with condoning and white-washing the negativities of the lower self.”

Week 7: Lecture 114: “What is most important for me and my life in order to reach the maximum self-honesty possible? Which of my activities help me most in this?”

Week 8: Lecture 191: When you no longer fear disappointment because you know you can experience it, and when you can let it happen to you and go to its very end until its energy current re-transforms itself into its original life flow, then disappointment can no longer happen to you.”

Week 9: Lecture 111: In the healthy soul, the form is rounded, very smooth and even. The substance is flexible, elastic — a mixture of resilient, healthily resistant softness.”

Week 10: Lecture 12: Only when you purify yourself from within, cleanse your emotions and thoughts, and so best fulfill your destiny wherever you are placed, can you also become a carrier of peace. Indirectly, by living spiritually, people can do more for or against war than politicians or statesmen. Question yourself honestly, feel into it, examine yourselves when you send out — perhaps until now unconsciously — such “poison” that aids and abets the powers promoting war.”

Week 11: Lecture 46: “War is certainly tragic, but it is in certain instances a last resort that is even necessary because humanity has neglected to look for the inner roots of the problems.”

Week 12: Lecture 191: “When you go into the fear of pain, the pain can be experienced. And only then will the pain genuinely dissolve, and you will have mastered a slice of life that you no longer need to avoid.”

Week 13: Lecture 257: The willingness to expose leads to communication, and communication leads to oneness, to alignment with the Christ spirit that sweeps with Great Force through your world.”

Week 14: Lecture 125: “Your fate is nothing more or less than the sum total of your personality, what it expresses and emanates, how the soul substance is molded in terms of reality or unreality. Your consciousness is like the sculptor, your soul substance like the material which you use to create.”

Week 15: Lecture 82: The ideal attitude is to combine the active spirit of searching for one’s own inner hidden causes with the relaxed attitude of, for the moment, accepting the unwanted in the full understanding that the self-produced misery is of therapeutic value.”

Week 16: Lecture QA249: Christ demonstrated through His life and death in symbolic terms that giving out is further selfenrichment. By sacrificing, even His very life, He was resurrected in eternity. In smallest measures every individual must experience this inexorable truth. By going through the illusory death of giving oneself out, a new enrichment follows suit.”

Week 17: Lecture 96: Your fear is part of the helpless baby that you feel you have to remain in order to be safe. To give up being a helpless, fearful baby means to you that people will no longer protect you and therefore it is difficult to risk the change.”

Week 18: Lecture 115: By becoming aware of your limitations, you eliminate the limitations. By becoming aware of your unreality, you live in greater reality. By becoming aware of your lack of love – clothed perhaps in what appears to be love, but is not — you will have more love.”

Week 19: Lecture 66: “Find the part in your emotions wherein you ascribe actual or imagined weakness to love and humility that is tendered in the healthy and real sense. Find in you the part which believes that strength is aloofness or a kind of coldness. When you find that, you will find your self-betrayal.”

Week 20: Lecture 127: Man’s fear of himself becomes all the more difficult to overcome because he often does not fear his real darker side, but what he believes it is.”

Week 21: Lecture 249: “To the degree you experience fears and anxiety, to that degree you feel pain of an unjust universe and to the exact same degree you do not want to know that your lower self has effects and consequences. Conversely, to the degree you name the fear, you look into the pain of injustice that gnaws inside of you.

Week 22: QA 169: “How do you think does actual material war come about? How is it possible? Only because the inner warfare exists first, for the inner reality is first.”

Week 23: Lecture 175: “At any rate, the conciousness knows there is no real danger, for whatever suffering you human beings feel, it truly is illusory in the ultimate sense. Once you find your true identity within, you will know it. It is all a play, a fascination, an experiment, from which your real state of being can be recaptured if only you will truly try.”

Week 24: Lecture 36: “Pathwork means not that you are walking a path that is already there, for there is no path yet when you first decide on its existence. You have to make it. You are actually a “pathfinder” and act as a guide in the jungle who leads the way through all the wild shrubbery and growth and seeks an opportunity to set one foot down after another wherever this is possible.”

Week 25: Lecture 254: “The truth is that by total surrender to God you not only find true safety and security; you also become capable of surrendering to others if and when this is indicated and furthering for your life.”

Week 26: Lecture 152: “The law of gravity parallels, or expresses on the physical level, the emotional reaction and the apprehension of falling and crushing when the ego is being given up as the sole form of individual existence.”

Week 27: Lecture 83: The overcoming of your idealized self means overcoming an important facet of the duality between life and death.”

Week 28: AM 9: AM 9: The voice within you says, “I am the ever-loving God. The ever-present Creator. Living within you, moving through you, expressing as you, as myriad forms.”

Week 29: Lecture 183: “Change is an integral characteristic of life. Where there is life there is unending change. Only those who are still in fear and negativity, who resist change, perceive change as something that ought to be resisted.”

Week 30: Lecture 255: There are isolated moments in which you experience the hand of God in your life, the breath of God.”

Week 31: Lecture 150: “Not looking at the pride and the cowardice prevents you from reaching this life. Therefore each moment can be owned up to only when courage and humility exist — the courage to question the handed down codes, the courage to look at every and any truth within the self, and the humility not to have to be special, and perhaps, if necessary, for the sake of truth, to dispense with approval by others.”

Week 32: Lecture 127: “Really knowing the truth clears the fog; unifies where apparent contradiction prevailed; proves that there is nothing to fear; makes whole where dissension was; heals where sickness existed; goes forth where stagnation prevented growth; calms where frantic unrest created excessive movement.”

Week 33: QA247: “The light of Christ is the strongest there is, and with it, you must be safe.

Week 34: Lecture 143: In actual fact, the ego will integrate with the real self so that there is one — this “one” being fuller, better equipped, wiser, having more and better of all assets imaginable. But the separated ego thinks this means its annihilation, its ceasing to exist.”

Week 35: Lecture 75: “You can accelerate your automatic growth process a little by cultivating certain thoughts, by obtaining spiritual nourishment, by using this Pathwork lecture as additional material.”

Week 36: Lecture 85:The truth is that you are great to the degree that you cope with defeat — honestly, humbly, in dignity and poise, without embellishment and coloring, without projection and humiliation, without pretense.”

Week 37: QA 136: “There is that much area that the average human being is not aware of; therefore, he or she is dead during his or her lifetime, until more awareness is made. And in that sense, death is an illusion, because the darkness, the lack of awareness, is a result of false ideas, of misconceptions.”

Week 38: Lecture 227: “What you call the real life is the most illusory life where almost everything is seen upside down and in reverse. There, only the outer, most superficial manifestations are recognized, perceived, and dealt with, and thus life is being fragmented into an unrecognizable pattern.”

Week 39: QA201: “Be still and know I am God, the ultimate power. Listen to this power within, to this presence and to these intentions. I am God, everyone is God. God is all, in everything that lives and moves, that breathes and knows, that feels and is.”

Week 40: Lecture 150: “You overlook the truth that each Now contains immeasurable life force, which can be freed when the obstructions of the Now are met. All you need to do is focus your attention on it. Then you will discover riches and powers still inconceivable in their fullness; but the first inklings will already astound you.”

Week 41: Lecture 203: “You wish to believe that your judgments, thoughts, and opinions are a result of a specific disturbing situation. I say that it is the other way around. The disturbing situation is a result of your tendency to harbor just such thoughts, judgments, and opinions because of an underlying motivation and intentionality.”

Week 42: Lecture 216: Your awareness of and your connection with the inner, real self will make life glorious, and so death will be experienced as glorious. That state of consciousness will make life fearless because there is nothing to fear in dying. Such fearlessness is the ultimate development of each human soul. That is the goal you are trying to reach.”

Week 43: Lecure 25: The price you pay by going on this path of development is certainly a high one, but there is absolutely no other means on earth or in heaven to gain harmony, love, happiness, and complete inner security where nothing evil can ever touch you or throw you off balance. The price is no self-pity; no self-delusion; utter severance with the self; time; effort; patience; perseverance; courage.”

Week 44: Lecture 183: Your own potentials are indeed infinite in the possibility to experience beauty, joy, pleasure, love, wisdom, and creative expression of your innermost being.”

Week 45: Lecture 203: “The inner cosmic movements that constantly go through you can only be made conscious when you are so flexible, so moving, so much in command of yourself that all feelings can be produced. The more you are capable of experiencing any feeling, the less you will be enslaved by it.”

Week 46: Lecture 47: Wherever the conscious is separated from the unconscious emotions, opinions, thoughts, conclusions, desires we can see a wall in the human soul — a separating wall, separating the conscious from the unconscious.”

Week 47: Lecture 146: This life is a continuum, an eternally moving process, which can be sensed only when the personal psyche follows his moving process. This is a mathematical equation.”

Week 48: Lecture 203: Do an exercise in trust in which you open yourself for the possibility that the universe will yield you whatever you need. Experiment for the moment with this thought: ‘How would it be if I were to trust the universe, if in this particular situation I gave up the fear that is a result of my distrust and therefore of pride and self-will?’

Week 49: Lecture 102: “In pride, due to inferiority, you feel humiliated when you are hurt, in that you give the power to hurt you to someone else. Therefore you substitute the original pain with anger. This seems less shameful. It sets you above the other person rather than, as it seems to you, below. It lifts you above the true position you find yourself in — that of being hurt. In pride, you lie about your real feeling. Thus anger and pride are connected.”

Week 50: QA 193: “If you can say and mean and speak into yourself, “I want to make the best of my life because I have a lot to contribute, and I want to contribute this to life because there is a lot in me which I can give to life, with which I can enrich life. And this will also enrich me.”

Week 51: Lecture 219: At this time, in your realm of consciousness, you celebrate a certain symbolic event. This event is the celebration of the Christ consciousness, or the divine consciousness deep within your own being.”

Week 52: Lecture 101:” If only you learn to observe, detect, and understand — and therefore eventually eliminate — your defensiveness, you will be freed of an illusion. There is no greater hardship, no greater prison than illusion.”