Quotes pathwork lectures E2018

Week 1: Lecture 058: The mature concept of happiness in its highest unfoldment is: “I am independent of outer circumstances, regardless of what they are. I can be happy under any circumstances because even the disadvantageous or unpleasant events will have a purpose, bringing me that much nearer to complete freedom and infinite happiness.” Thus even difficult times will have the power to make you happy.

Week 2: Lecture 32: For those who follow this path of self-purification, it may be an excellent exercise and meditation to think of all the tragedies and difficulties and troubles of your life up to now — past and present. If you can find some good in it, you will have accomplished a further step upwards.

Week 3: Lecture 50: The divine law is always just and fair. You never receive more than you invest. When you invest freely without weak and compulsive motives, you may not get the love back immediately from the same source you invested it in, but it must eventually flow back to you, and at such time in a benign circle. What you give out will flow back, provided you do not give in weakness, in a motive of “proving something.”

Week 4: Lecture 258: Imagine that your true being — which means your being in truth, all in truth — observes that suffering part of you, the part that is squeezed into a smaller world in which you sometimes appear to suffocate. Your real being that is without any shades of untruthfulness, error, distortion (sin) is therefore in total well-being. There is no pain there. This true being observes your earth being that has undertaken to correct the distorted part. It observes with compassion for the momentary difficulties, but without tragedy, for it knows that all is well and that the temporary suffering must lead to salvation.

Week 5: Lecture 177: Love opens you up, you flow and pulsate in a state of peace, security, vibrancy, excitement, stimulation, and utter confidence. Your innermost being and your outer limbs feel sweet and fulfilled when you love. But when you are in an ego state of pride, you must be tense, anxious, contracted.

Week 6: Lecture 141: My friends, when you look at your lives and question yourselves, where could you expand more? Where could you experience life more deeply and fully? Where could you be freer from any sort of disharmony within or around you? Where could you give and receive more?

Week 7: Lecture 58: If you can really accept yourself — in your most deeply seated emotions, not merely in theory and with your intellect — as one in the string of humanity, being as imperfect as the next one, being liked by some, disliked by others, approved of by some, disapproved of by others, you have truly reached maturity, and you will no longer find it necessary to damage yourself by inviting misery.

Week 8: Lecture 69: Little by little, you will cease being afraid of the times of shadow. First, you will approach these times in a spirit of courage and in a constructive attitude toward what you can learn. And each time when you learn an important lesson about yourself, you will emerge from the shadow into the light a stronger and freer person, a happier and more serene human being. The time will come when what is considered a difficulty will no longer be one for you. That is the only way you learn to master yourself and your life.

Week 9: Lecture 106: Only by conquering your own resistance and blindness, your lack of awareness of yourself, will you experience the beauty of life, whether at one time you go through difficult periods and, at others, you experience happiness and fulfillment.

Week 10: Lecture 160: When man’s unconscious fears finding the cause of unhappiness within the self, it is an illusion to fear this. Anyone who has ever done so will confirm that this brings relief, safety, and confidence in life. It is only pride that keeps you from fully wanting to find the cause within.

Week 11: Lecture 249: Resistance to making connections between cause and effect covers fear and pain in regard to no such connections existing. Find the moments of relief in your past work when, after having overcome resistance, you realized the intrinsic fairness of life and that you really feel much more secure about life after seeing the connections.

Week 12: QA238: “I say yes to life, to myself, to deserving the best, to giving the best, to being in a state of joy, abundance, and flow; to give and receive love; to feel the joy of it. I devote my life to the will of God, to the task that I have come for whatever it is going to be; to give my best and therefore I deserve my best. I am an expression of God. I am God’s beauty, God’s wisdom, and God’s joy. And I can allow myself to experience this, and I will allow myself to experience this. This is my commitment.”

Week 13: Lecture 212: To the degree you offer generously and trustingly the best you have to give to life, allowing God to take over, to that very same degree will you feel perfectly entitled to spread your arms wide to receive the best life has to offer. To the degree you hold back in puny fear that this might damage your self-interest, to that same degree you must hold back from receiving life’s riches.

Week 14: Lecture 256: Christ has come in many forms, many times as different enlightened ones throughout the ages. But never has He come as fully and completely, as unobstructedly as in Jesus.

Week 15: Lecture 201: If you cannot bear pain that others inflict upon you, then neither can you experience the pain of your guilt in a constructive way. The guilt of your own distortion must be fully seen, faced, felt, understood as to all its ramifications and chain reactions. Otherwise you can never be in the clear with yourself. Unless you do so, you cannot be whole. You cannot look at yourself with love and respect. You cannot be who you really are.

Week 16: Lecture 168: Each and every living instant — I do not care whether it is beautiful or ugly, easy and lighthearted or difficult and heavy — contains the potential to be in bliss, provided you penetrate the now to its deepest level. Each instant contains ultimate truth if you but want to turn into the right direction.

Week 17: AM11-Arosa lecture: Your low opinion of yourself is false, no matter what your lower self is up to. You are a creature of God, you are a manifestation of God, not only on levels yet to be realized and actualized. Right now, in your conscious self, you are the best, the most, most beautiful, the strongest, the noblest. Give yourself that respect, and then you can give it to others.

Week 18: Lecture 156: There are two basic aspects of self-realization: the knowing of truth and the feeling of pleasure. Both are equally important and both should be cultivated.

Week 19:Lecture 150: To the exact degree self-liking exists, to that degree happiness exists. Lack of self-liking prevents the psyche from experiencing its natural state. It induces an alienation from the universal forces and sets up a screen, or a film, preventing the individual from becoming part of the cosmic forces, which are bliss.

Week 20: Lecture 159: You are wrong in fearing experience. “Nothing bad can happen to me if I have pleasure nor if I am hurt or disappointed. These are illusory fears. I do want the resiliency that is essentially mine. I do call upon these powers deeper within me than the false fears and ideas. I no longer wish to reject experience. My fear of so-called good or bad happenings is based on illusion.”

Week 21: QA243: To the degree ego interests still persist in you – the smaller self that wants to be praised, that wants to prove something – to that degree you will experience those who perhaps have gained more authority through their commitment, their giving, their responsibility, their openness to their channel, as enemies and you will resent them, just as you will be experienced as an enemy and be resented by those who give less than you, who are less honestly committed to the truth and the will of God.

Week 22: Lecture 215: There is only one safe and secure way to attain the blissful now point, the revelation of reality in its unlimited dimensions, and that is by fulfilling the task for which you have come. Only a path such as this can help you do so. You must learn to go through your pain — the pain of your illusion, of your guilts, of your undeveloped side. Ultimately this is what it all amounts to.

Week 23: Lecture 159: One of the great difficulties in man’s life is the inevitable downward curve in all growth process. Life is growth, and growth is a continuum of movement that goes in a fluctuating line. Each down brings a new up; each up must bring a new down in order to go up again.

Week 24: Lecture 187: To the degree pain is avoided and denied, refuted and rebelled against, repressed and projected onto outer circumstances, pleasure cannot be wanted for its own sake, but only in order to avoid the pain. In that way it is impossible to come out of the wheel of suffering and of painful struggle with the opposites.

Week 25: Lecture 235: There is much greater safety that comes when you have the courage to believe in the best — not wishful thinking, not in fear of the bad, but in the strength that there is nothing in you that you cannot see and face and go through, that there is only light at the end of each such tunnel. As you do this increasingly, you will see that what seems like a negative manifestation is the blessing of the next level that swims to the surface.

Week 26: Lecture 142: The fear of happiness is at a very deep level of the human psyche, way beneath and beyond the ordinary, neurotic, distorted misconceptions and fears that man harbors in his unconscious mind. The fear of happiness is directly related to the fear of letting go of man’s outer ego faculties. By the same token, the longing for happiness must therefore also be a longing for release of these ego faculties.

Week 27: Lecture 100: Inner growth cannot happen suddenly. First you have a glimpse, a momentary experience of a new way of feeling. Then it goes away again. If, at such a time, you are not discouraged and do not give way to the feeling that it is of no use because you have apparently relapsed into the old way, but persevere instead, the periods of healthy, good feeling will come more often and will last longer.

Week 28: Lecture 257: Look at this beautiful world with the eyes that see the whole, that comprehend the Lord’s working behind all that is. Let your hearts be filled with the freshness of life’s healing power that flows from the Source that encompasses all that ever was created and ever will be created. This Source resides right in your own center, even when you are unable to connect with it, experience its reality through your confusions and your momentary suffering. It is always there.

Week 29: Lecture 234: Divine love is like an immense mantle of finely spun gold, permeating the universe, enveloping everything and everyone existing in all of creation. This is an ongoing state of reality, in essence always accessible. It is only the disconnected mind that does not perceive it and moves itself out of grace, as it were. But it is not really removed from it, it only seems that way.

Week 30: Lecture 210: If you can make room in your consciousness for the outer abundance as a reflection of the universal abundance, you will create and experience it. But if you want to experience it because you fear poverty, you also create a split. The abundance you then create is not built on reality and is thus a flimsy structure that must be crushed again so that you can then let yourself be poor and dissolve the illusion of poverty.

Week 31: Lecture 116: It is important to understand that what stands between you and your inner, real self is not only your errors and misconceptions, your false images and distortions, your lower self, but the superimposed conscience. It is the latter that creates so much confusion and often prevents you from freedom and truth. It is this superimposed conscience that induces you to reject yourself as a human being.

Week 32: Lecture 214: It is known to your scientists that whole planetary systems explode, disintegrate, and reform themselves in a different organization. The same principles hold true about everything else. If these explosions would not constantly go on in your own inner system you could not renew yourself. When you feel a flow of feelings, the tiniest organisms explode and reform themselves on the physical as well as on the psychic levels. In your life manifestations, very significant changes in your life, crises, events that are momentarily traumatic are such explosions; and reformation ensues.

Week 33: Lecture 215: The more you perceive that everything that you can experience is only a smaller part and fragment of a larger and still larger ongoing plan — like the one step you make as part of the whole walk and the walk being a fragment of a larger plan in your mind — the more you are aware of and connected with the All-Consciousness, the Whole. Therefore, you are nearer to bliss.

Week 34: Lecture 139: As you learn, each moment, to value, appreciate, and enjoy what life offers you, you must simultaneously become aware of the good in you, your values and assets. This will give you greater strength to come out of vicious circles and self-generating negative attitudes.

Week 35: Lecture 32: Where the understanding is still lacking and where you cannot find the good in a particular situation or happening, this ought to be an indication for you that a very important portion of self-knowledge is still lacking. If it were not lacking, you could immediately find the connection, one in which each misfortune will touch off a particular fault or ignorance of an emotional current running contrary to divine law.

Week 36: Lecture 223: Only the person who is fully centered in his own God consciousness and is thus able to create his life according to his needs and wishes can enliven his surroundings and teach it, be it through actual teaching in one form or another or be it by the mere example of his life, by his joyousness, his love, his capacity to be the best he is.

Week 37: Lecture 61: If, by your development, you come to understand more profoundly, and your power and capacity to love truly unfolds — not by force and compulsion, but in reality — you have an effect on others, and therefore on the world, such as you cannot imagine. You are a spreader of light and truth by the very act of your search into your own soul. Your innermost self unfolds, freeing itself of all the layers and masks, and thus you are capable of affecting the innermost self of other people. You penetrate right through their superimposed layers and masks.

Week 38: Lecture 250: In reality you are already all that you could ever wish to be. You already possess the states of consciousness you aim to attain. It is simply that only a limited part of your total self functions on this reality level of the world into which you were born. It is your task to gradually release those parts of you that fully exist on another level of reality, but need to be brought into this material level.

Week 39: Lecture 54: God’s world is with all endeavors of yours. We are with you with all our protection and guidance. Yet, there will be times when we leave you alone, when we do not interfere, for otherwise you cannot learn. A child cannot learn to walk unless it has fallen and stumbled a few times. It is the same with spiritual and emotional growth.

Week 40: Lecture 154: All outer, or apparently outer, experience coming to man is really self-produced. It is a reflection of what already exists within. It could not come his way from without if it were not there within his own consciousness first.

Week 41: Lecture 177: Bliss is the natural state of a unified being in harmony with himself and the universe. It is a state of physical and spiritual bliss that is experienced in every particle of one’s body and soul, of the outer and inner being — with all sensations and faculties alive, awake, and feeling.

Week 42: Lecture 45: Any small and apparently insignificant reaction on your part contains a desire of one sort or another. Think of any unimportant incident happening to you throughout the day when you feel disharmonious, angry, irritated, or, for that matter, joyful and optimistic. In these reactions lies a desire. And if you wish to find out who you are, you have to ascertain first what these desires are in each of your daily reactions.

Week 43: Lecture 189: It is a totally different situation when you are identified with the ugly traits or when you identify them. The moment you identify them, you cease being identified with them. This is why it is so liberating to acknowledge the worst in the personality after having battled the ever present resistance to do so.

Week 44: Lecture 226: You can now allow God in you, which you can be the moment you so choose that godly attitude: to be in a state of self-love in the healthiest, most divine way without a trace of self-indulgence or denial of what is true in your lower self. You can have respect, love, and compassion for your wonderful struggle, for your wonderful honesty even while you also see the still existing dishonesty, the cowardice, and all the other ugly little attitudes of the lower self, without ever forgetting who you really are.

Week 45: Lecture 238: Only the joyous can give joy; only those in truth can bring truth; only the loving and loved ones can give love. Let yourself experience this every day and every hour of your life.

Week 46: Lecture 194: If you truly believe that you can change and grow out of negativity, destructiveness, hopelessness, misery, and poverty; that the universe is abundant joy in every respect; and that you can experience this truth; then indeed you cannot help but do so. This belief must include your willingness to remove your own obstructions. If you are honestly committed to this, you will feel increasingly free to believe in the possibility to experience the abundance of the universe.

Week 47: Lecture 130: The soul condition of fearlessness of the negative produces the conviction that nothing negative is ever necessary and that man’s fate is bliss, unfoldment, dynamic life. And where the conviction exists, outer facts must follow suit.

Week 48: Lecture 179: Man’s compatibility with life lies in knowing that it is unlimited and must bring forth exactly according to expectation, attitude, and concept, therefore trusting it and building on this trust. The firmer this conviction has become as a result of repeatedly experiencing this truth because the focus has been adjusted, the more trustful, relaxed, positive, creative, generous, giving the person must become.

Week 49: Lecture 197: The human consciousness finds itself in a state of development where both the pure and the distorted, the good and evil, God and the Devil exist. It is the task of every human being in the long road of evolution, lifetime upon lifetime (and indeed it takes thousands of lifetimes, not hundreds) to purify the soul and to overcome evil.

Week 50: Lecture 194: You may use meditation to truly meet your deepest fears and deal with them. You can ask for guidance and enlightenment, strength and courage. For man does not need to live in fear. But the fears vanish only when you go into them and expose their phantom nature.

Week 51: Lecture 61: Grace is the coming of Jesus Christ. One Being has taken upon Himself such a tremendous task and such hardship He did not have to endure in order to open the doors, to show the way, to help accelerate development for all, by an act of supreme love as has never been witnessed on this earth before or since.

Week 52: Lecture19: Try in these days, in honor of the Savior Jesus Christ, to think that he has saved you personally, that without Him you could not penetrate the darkness that still separates you from your goal. Try to develop a little personal gratefulness, for He deserves it.