Quotes pathwork lectures E2008

Week 1. Lecture 116: Understand, my friends, that what stands between you and your inner, real, self is not only your errors and misconceptions, your false images and distortions, your lower self, but also the superimposed conscience.

Week 2. Lecture 133: If your aim is finished perfection, you still find yourself caught in perfectionism, which hinders your progress. But if your aim becomes to know what is it you really feel at this moment, then you have a realistic aim leading to instant release, truth, harmony, and dynamic progress.

Week 3. Lecture 207: If all of you could really know that you have an inexhaustible treasure of security, of love, and of light in you! The only thing that blocks you off from it is your thinking, your not knowing, your not wanting to feel, to know, and to consider this truth.

Week 4. Lecture 057: Bring out the mass image of self-importance. You can only do so by feeling the need to be special, and understanding that you feel so not out of malice, not because you wish to belittle others — who must automatically become smaller if you succeed in becoming bigger — and not out of pride for the sake of pride, but out of the mistaken idea that being special means survival for you.

Week 5. Lecture 057: I assure you, my friends, you can find this image behind every conflict, outer or inner. Sometimes the connection is indirect; at other times, very obvious. Your personal images are always connected with the universal mass image of self-importance.

Week 6. Lecture 255: You must be willing to risk the imaginary dangers of truly feeling with your heart, of feeling your self, your lovingness, your vulnerability, the beauty of creation, the endearingness of others who struggle in their attempt to find the light. When you are willing, truly willing, the Christ spirit will take over and perform the “operation” of removing the tight lock — that has existed for millennia — from your heart.

Week 7. Lecture 099: From a spiritual point of view, from our vantage point, one single person gaining truth within, in the sense of this pathwork, has an infinitely greater influence on the entire cosmic development than millions of people in error! This may sound like an incredible statement, yet it is utter truth, my friends.

Week 8. Lecture 252: If you sincerely wish to reveal yourself, the Holy Spirit will inspire you with the appropriate words, and the walls you have built around you will dissolve.

Week 9. Lecture 105: If man’s attitude toward suffering were not as distorted as it usually is, he would find that the problems he has to solve in conquering mind and matter are beautiful. They are the most beautiful things in your earth life. Only by conquering your own resistance and blindness, your lack of  awareness of yourself, will you experience the beauty of life, whether at one time you go through difficult periods and, at others, you experience happiness and fulfillment.

Week 11. Lecture 073: Important as it is to find both parents represented in your partners, it is even more important and more difficult to find those aspects which represent the parent who has particularly disappointed and hurt you, the one more resented or despised, and for whom you had little or no love.

Week 12. Lecture 220: If you humbly ask the best in yourself: “What do I need to see in myself? Where am I still blind? What can you tell me?,” and if you really want the truth and you open yourself, it will instruct you in the most marvellous way.

Week 13. Lecture 221: When you look deep, deep inside you after having removed your reluctance to do so, and you no longer justify and rationalize, and you see without any embellishment those aspects of you where you hate rather than love, where you separate yourself in your defense rather than openly trust, where you look away rather than face, where you deny rather than affirm, where you distort truth rather than are in truth, then you see the place where you create unhappiness and frustration. It cannot be any other way.

Week 14. Lecture 101: If only you learn to observe, detect, and understand — and therefore eventually eliminate — your defensiveness, you will be freed of an illusion. There is no greater hardship, no greater prison than illusion. There is nothing more destructive on this earth than people unnecessarily defending themselves. There is nothing that creates more disharmony, more untruth, more hostility, more friction, in personal as well as in public life, than defensiveness.

Week 15. Lecture 057: You have to get so far that you actually hear the inner voice shrieking for and demanding approval. You have to observe the occasions when this voice speaks up louder than usual.

Week 16. Lecture 207: If all of you could really know that you have an inexhaustible treasure of security, of love, and of light in you! The only thing that blocks you off from it is your thinking, your not knowing, your not wanting to feel, to know, and to consider this truth. Make use of this truth.

Week 17. Lecture 246: The aim of this path is a development of consciousness that is almost unprecedented. But there is a relatively small group of individuals in your world who is indeed ready for this evolution of their personal being, thus contributing to the evolution of your sphere of consciousness. This renewal brings about an untold expansion of personal happiness and fulfillment.

Week 18. Lecture 254A: You need to know that incomplete human beings, men and women, deserve love just as much as fully purified ones. Their God nature is always operative, their painful, noble struggle deserves love and respect. And this includes you.

Week 19. Lecture 048: If you have a friction with one of your brothers or sisters, my advice would be that you become a lawyer in his defense. Take the case and try to see how the other one sees it. If you really want to reach the highest step in this particular regard, go to the person you have friction with personally, and do it there and be a lawyer in his defense. By defending him badly, because in a corner of your being you still want to prove how right you are, you have not fulfilled your job at all.

Week 21. Lecture 189: To the extent the conscious self uses its already existing knowledge of truth, its already existing power to execute its good will, its already existing capacity to be positive, committed, truthful, courageous, and persevering in the struggle in question, its already existing ability to choose the attitude to the problem, to exactly that degree the consciousness expands and becomes increasingly more infiltrated by the spiritual consciousness. The spiritual consciousness cannot manifest when the already existing consciousness is not fully put to use in the conduct of one’s life. Out of using it, new inspiration, new realms of vision and understanding, of profound wisdom and experience well up from the depth of the person.

Week 22. Lecture 197: the more pain you accept, the less you will feel it. Resistance to pain will make the pain often unbearably painful. The more you accept your hate, the less you hate. The more you accept your ugliness, the more beautiful you become. The more you accept your weakness, the stronger you are. The more you admit your hurt, the more dignity you will have, regardless of the distorted views of others. These are inexorable laws. This is the path we tread.

Week 23. Lecture 075: In the new state, you will know deeply that all things, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and experiences already exist and that you, in common with many others, share this existing force, principle, or current, due to self-produced conditions.

Week 24. Lecture 069: If problems were to cease, you could never really lose your fear of them, for the worry and suspicion may remain within you that one day they might come back. But when you master life’s problems, there will be no threat in them.

Week 25. Lecture 31: The most important substance of spiritual food is self-development. Your innermost self, your divine spark is constantly crying out for this. And you, your conscious being, is, alas, refusing this food ever so often. When you are sad or depressed, when you are dissatisfied with your life whether you have actual and rational reasons or not, in both cases, it is always because your spirit is starved. And only he who partakes of this most important food — spiritual development — can be truly happy and fulfilled.

Week 26. Lecture 102: What you feel and think emanates from you and is somehow always perceived by others. The more the consciousness of a person is raised, the more aware may the other person be of what he perceives from you. The less his consciousness is raised, the less will he be aware of it, but unconsciously he knows.

Week 28. Lecture 249: To the degree you experience fears and anxiety, to that degree you feel pain of an unjust universe and to the exact same degree you do not want to know that your lower self has effects and consequences. Conversely, to the degree you name the fear, you look into the pain of injustice that gnaws inside of you, and, further, to the degree you overcome resistance to see how you wish to disconnect from the consequences of lower self attitudes, to that exact same degree you will free yourself of an immeasurable burden and will gain a deep new security – the security that all is very well with life.

Week 29. Lecture 123: If you look at your desires and fears, your needs, your apprehensions, and reactions — right or wrong — at this moment, at each moment, then you find into the eternal now. In it, you can live fearlessly with the rightful confidence in the unknown. You do not have to become perfect. You are perfect, in a sense, when you can calmly face, acknowledge, and in full understanding come to terms with your present imperfection.

Week 30. Lecture 178: Discovering a new dimension of life cannot occur without birth pains, which are primarily sustained effort in order to test different approaches and new ways to finally accomplish the unification.

Week 31. Lecture 051: Sanity and emotional health depend largely on the ability and the willingness to take any undesired condition and adjust to it by finding out what can be learned from it, by giving up the battle against it and relaxing inwardly, but concentrating on the cause in you that has brought the unwelcome condition about.

Week 32. Lecture 245: Resistance to your destiny to surrender all of yourself to God and His will for you must create a real and permeating and weakening guilt.

Week 33: Lecture 249: One of your greatest illusions — and you have many — is that thoughts and intentions and desires can be kept secret and should therefore have no impact.

Week 34. Lecture 074: We in our world thank each human being who makes an effort towards purification and development. Every effort in this direction counts in the total plan of evolution for the entire universe. Every problem you solve, every insight of honest self-recognition is in some measure instrumental, and changes the course of universal and cosmic forces. You have no idea how important are the efforts and endeavors of every single human being. Were it but realized, many, many more people would try harder. All suffering in this world comes from ignorance, from lack of wanting to face the truth.

Week 35. Lecture 033: Perfect faith would mean no disharmony in your life whatever, no fear in any respect.

Week 37. Lecture 148:  When man is ignorant of the fact that he has within himself the possibilities for self-fulfillment, the only way he can conceive of expressing himself is by measuring and comparing himself with others.

Week 38.  Lecture 253A: Do not forget that no one comes into this life and circumstances it presents without this corresponding to exactly what the entity has to learn, to absorb, to experience.

Week 39. Lecture 190: Through the gateway of feeling your weakness lies your strength; through the gateway of feeling your pain lies your pleasure and joy; through the gateway of feeling your fear lies your security and safety; through the gateway of feeling your loneliness lies your capacity to have fulfillment, love, and companionship; through the gateway of feeling your hate lies your capacity to love; through the gateway of feeling your hopelessness lies true and justified hope; through the gateway of accepting the lacks of your childhood lies your fulfillment now.

Week 43. Lecture 97; In order to fully accept imperfection, you have first to become fully aware of your resentment against imperfection. And only when you fully realize your resentment against imperfection, can you begin to accept it. And only as you accept imperfection, can you lead a joyful life, can you derive enjoyment out of your relationships. But as long as you unconsciously strive for a perfectionism that does not exist on your earth, without being aware of your doing so, you cannot accept it, and therefore your life, your relationships will be spoiled. You cannot grow and thus change that which is changeable and could be much better, even though never perfect.

Week 44. Lecture 114: The prohibition against allowing the flow into your conscious mind is due to (a) fear of imperfection, (b) fear of having to shed means that supposedly protect one from hurts, (c) insistence on remaining a child because then others are responsible for his needs, his happiness, his safety.

Week 45. 136; Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, you so often remain in a dingy little hole with no possibility to stretch, to unfold, to experience beauty. When you finally test it and discover the beautiful world outside the room, how safe and satisfying it is, you must experience it as a miracle. You then stretch and stretch your mind to more and more possibilities to unfold and experience good, to give and receive good.

Week 48. 108; Fear of exposure to failure and inadequacy. This is pride. The desire for greater perfection than you have. This is a substitute for the love you don’t allow yourself to feel. There is the link. You need not be so perfect if you love, and therefore you need not fear failure. If you do not fear failure so much, life would not become so difficult. It is often the inherent, often unconscious, terror of failure that makes life so arduous.

Week 49. Lecture 240: It is obvious that love is a feeling, but it is not so obvious that this feeling must result from an act of will motivated by intelligence.

Week 50. Lecture 129: Personal fulfillment, full expansion are waiting for all of you. This is your destiny. Every one of you must sooner or later come to the realization that life is what you think it is, temporarily; and it is what you know it is, ultimately. This means that the potential and possibility, even on this earth sphere, is indescribable happiness. Once this is envisaged, it opens up into its vast and beautiful possibilities.

Week 51. Lecture 219: Can each of you, at this time of commemorating the birth of your eternal Christchildwithin, commit yourself to accepting every part of you? I want to convey to you that there is nothing whatever that need be rejected, nothing whatever you cannot accept and forgive. The only thing that is truly destructive and makes you lose your bearing is not doing so and therefore acting out.