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“I want to tell you that many of the words I will give you in these particular lectures can be treated as a meditation. You should take these words and not reread them just once — that will not be enough!
You should meditate on some of my teachings so that from a superficial and intellectual knowledge,
this knowledge may eventually reach deeper regions of your being.
For only then will it be really
beneficial to you.” 
Quote from Pathwork Lecture 25: The Path, Initial Steps, Preparation and Decisions

There are so many beautiful meditations hidden in the Pathwork Lectures. I feel it as my task to make these meditations more familiar. As I am very dedicated to the Pathwork lectures, I started after an inspiration of my inner self almost 15 years ago with weekly quotes in English and Dutch. Since the covid-19 crisis, my inner self inspired my to make YouTube videos of longer quotes from which the weekly quote is just a part. Every meditation with Tibetan bowls and chimes sets up a powerful force and you will feel relaxation at the same time.

I am guided to certain quotes in certain lectures and from reactions I receive it seems like this particular item is shared by the receivers, e.g. Jan Rigsby reacts: “Your weekly quotes have been amazingly ’spot-on’, relevant, helpful, and overall fantastic. I very much appreciate them. I often include them in my weekly notices.”

“I really appreciate your commitment to bringing the Pathwork to us in this way. This one was particularly timely for me. Sincere thanks!!!” Elizabeth Moran

“Dear Saskia, Thank you so much for doing this every week. I so appreciate it and it always feels as if the quotes were picked just for me.:-) Thank you again! With blessings,” Sonja

“Thank you, as always, for your inspired messages from the Guide. With gratitude,” Moira and Bert Shaw

“Dear Saskia, Thank you for sending us the weekly quotes. I love them and appreciate your work. Have a great week! Kind regards,” Anna Barbosa

“Thanks so much for sending these quotes. I just read this latest and can feel a place in me responding to the words by relaxing.” Julia Jensen

“Thank you Saskia, real inspiring quotes from this lecture nicely put together to invoke a deeper view on our ability to contribute to the world” Loes Vink

“Thank you for this guided meditation. I am grateful you offer some English language videos too. Thank you for sharing this meditation audio in English. I find it helpful.” Michael Kalyaano

“Hello Maám, thank for providing workshops in English language on YouTube.” Michael Kalyaano

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The link on my YouTube channel Aquariusmens for both the English and Dutch meditations is: https://www.youtube.com/@aquariusmens2175

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